Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank You Natasha!!! Turns out Blogger (or maybe me by accident) changed my settings so that only 'team members' could post comments. Here I was stewing and steaming (and steeping of course) that no one loved me anymore! Post you must.

Thank You to Catheryn for letting me know that for some weird reason all my photos are coming across really dark. I don't have an image editor on this computer (not even paintbrush!!) so I think I'll just keep on posting as is and then go back and lighten them when I have access to another computer (unless theres an online photo editor that works for macs?)

In crafting news I was supossed to have a workshop this weekend to create a personal dress form -a ducttape judy- but it seems to have vanished into thin air. I was quite the sight wandering around the streets and piers of downtown halifax with my giganto bags of fibrefluff. I had a coffee in the pub, left a note at the school and got ready to walk home. I stopped along the way to listen to a Korean drum demonstration (!) when I was nearly knocked off my feet by a bunch of people running in what looked like the Amazing Race. (!?!) I asked, but they didn't want my help :(

In knitting news, I'm starting an alteration of Glampyre'sRaglan Cardi in Fleece Artist "Rapunzel" and "Slubby", and R2's "Drawn on and Dinky" in Collinette's "Giotto". I'm also agonizing over the single skeins of Noro I keep buying. I'm a projectcomittment-phobe when it comes to noro.

I will try posting those photos again......
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Is it done? I'm not sure.
Image hosted by
Here's a shrug thing in shetland lace, and what I hope is a better photo of the Kimono-sleaved Mohair thingie. Man. Someone stop me from taking crap photos in my dirty mirrors....Image hosted by

There now. Did it work?? I am so fed up with everything. Bla. Message me if they are too dark to make out.

ps Congratulations to Christine!!!!!!!!!!

Soundtrack: "Hollis and Morris [with 4 bags of fibrefleece]", The Trews.

*EDIT*: My bum is not that big; I'm sitting on the sink. I'm not really bootylicious, but man, am I ever edge of 17 *wink*


Aven said...

Hi! Just commenting to show that, uh, I can comment. Oh, and the pictures don't look as dark this time. Looking good!

christine said...

Oh I just love EVERYTHING you make!!! And I loved all of the names you left too! With a last (maiden) name like Cherms, I got picked on! Germs, Worms, etc.. So whatever, and then people would call me Pissy (chrissie).. so even normal names get made fun of!! Besides, everyone's naming their kiddies strange names these days!
I've been watching Martha 'the apprentice' as well as her show!
Hey did you lose weight????
You look teeny in them shots lady! Mrrrroowww!

Anonymous said...

Yay - I can comment! I tried to the other day to say, "hey, great shrugs" but was devastated to learn I wasn't a "team member".

So, "hey, great shrugs!" I can't wait to see the fleece artist creation (I remember you brought along to SnB one night).

I miss your effervescence on Wednesdays! If it makes you feel any better, attendance has been spotty at best with mostly me, Joyce and Steph (or some combination of two).

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