Saturday, March 28, 2009

Romantic Mood

Romantic Mood
Summer softness in the delicate lacy texture of a Princess blouse

Materials: Of Patons Princess, 9/10/11/12 (1/2-oz) balls Petite Pink 5722.
Pair No.9 Milwarmds Disc needles. Length of ribbon for collar and cuffs.

Measurements: To fit 33-34/35-36/37-38/39-40 inch bust: length from top of shoulders, 21.5/22/22.5/23 inches;sleeve seam, 15 inches, all sizes.

Tension: This pattern in based on a standard stocking-stitch tension of 7 sts and 9 rows to an inch on No.9 needles.

Cast on 85/91/97/103sts and k1 row.
Work in pattern as follows:-
1st row: right side facing, K5*(k1 winding wool 3 times round needle)3 times, k3; rep. from * to last 2 sts, k2.
2nd row:k5*(k1 dropping extra loops off needle)3 times, k3; rep. from * to last 2 sts, k2.
3rd row-k2*(k1 winding wool 3 times round needle)3 times, k3; rep. from * ending last repeat, k2.
4th row: k2 *(l1 dropping extra loops off needle) 3 times, k3; rep. from * ending last repeat, k2. These 4 rows form pattern.
Continue straight in pattern until work measures 14 inches at centre, ending with a 2nd or 4th row of pattern.
With right side facing, shape armholes by casting off 15 sts at beg. of next 2 rows.
Continue straight until work measures 19.5/20/20/5/21 inches at centre, ending with 2nd or 4th pattern row.
Here shape neck:-Next row: pattern 13/16/16/19. cast off 29/29/35/35, pattern to end.
Continue on last 13/16/16/19sts. until work measures 21.5/22/22.5/.23 inches. Cast off.
With wrong side facing, rejoin wool to remaing sts and work to correspond with first side.

Cast on 61/67/73/79 sts and k1 row.
Work straight in pattern as for main part until sleeve measures 15 inches at centre. Place a marker at each end of last row.
Work straight until sleeve seam measures 3 inches from markers, ending with 2nd or 4th pattern row.
Cast off loosely using a larger needle.

Cast on 127/127/139/139 sts, and k1 row.
Work 8 rows in pattern. Cast off.

Do not press.
Join shoulder seams. Insert sleeves, sewing the 3 inches above markers to the 15 cast off sts of main parts, then sew straight edge round armhole edge, easing as required.
Join side and sleeve seams. Join collar into a ring and sew cast off edge to neck, with seam at centre back.
Press seams very lightly.
Thread ribbon through 1st pattern row of collar and sleeves, as shown in photograph.

Soft gathering with narrow velvet ribbon adds the Victorian look to this very pretty blouse-ideal for warm summer days.
The gentle easy-fitting style makes a very feminine design in the fashionable romantic trend.
Originally Published in Stitchcraft 1968

Friday, March 20, 2009

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday Neckercheif
©Morgan Forrester, 2009

Paton's Grace
1 ball Red
1 ball White

3.25mm crochet hook

Darning needle or small crochet hook for weaving in tails.

Please Note: This Pattern uses North American crochet terminology.

6 stitches and 5 rows = 1 inch over Single Crochet ground.

Colour Pattern:
Work 2 rows Red, 2 rows White
Repeat 2 row stripe throughout.

Striping Technique:
Change Colours in last stitch of each row.
Work sc as follows: insert hook into stitch, wrap with live colour and pull through (2 loops on hook). Yarn over with new colour and pull through both loops. Ch 1 with new colour working around old colour, trapping it vertically.


sc next 2 sts tog: has a good tutorial.


With Red
ch 3

Working into both loops,
3sc in 2nd stitch from hook

*ch1, turn
sc in each stitch to last sc, 2 sc*
Repeat from *to* for 10 complete stripes
First Triangle Point completed.

ch1, turn
With Red, sc in each stitch to last sc, 2sc in last stitch (23 stitches across)
ch 1, turn
Working into back loop only:
sc 11
**With next colour
ch 1, turn
sc 5**
Work **to** for 5 complete stripes, ending with White.
Cut yarn, and thread through loop, leaving nice long tails for weaving in.

Turn Work.
Reattach yarn at far corner of triangle with Red.
Repeat from %
Finish last white yarn in the same manner.
Keyhole completed.

Choose most attractive side to be new RS
With Red, reattach yarn and ch 1
5sc, ch 1, 5 sc
ch 1, turn
sc in each sc and middle ch 1 (be sure to get under 2 threads in this stitch to make it secure)
Resume striping sequence, working in back loops only.
Work until piece measures 20" from beg.point ending with a White stripe (fudge if necessary)

Middle Section completed.

Working into both loops for Second Triangle:
With Red, sc in each sc across, ch 6
sc in 2nd ch from hook, and each ch and sc across (work under 2 loops of each ch) ch 5
With white, ch 1 turn
sc in 2nd ch from hook, and each ch and sc across (work under 2 loops of each ch)
***With next colour
ch 1 turn
sc in each sc to last 2 sts, decrease***
Repeat ***to*** until 1ish stitch remains.
Cut yarn and thread through loop. (We are about to clean this up some.)

Beginning at middle of work, sl st in each st across. Work a ch 1 at corners. Use this step to clean up or disguise any messy joins and wraps.

Block and pin stiffly.

I love knitted bowtie/keyhole scarves.
Here I've channelled some 50s flair to create a crocheted version.
Crisper, angular and more graphic than it's knitted counterpart, I think this neckerchief reflects the key differences between the two crafts.
I explored what the limited crochet rib can do for a person, and let sc's stiffness, rather than knitting's elasticity lock the bow in place.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beret Update

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I was really getting into the swing of hats and now, today, just now, the weather has changed.
Berets aren't affected by seasonal weather though. Or they shouldn't be.

Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker, 1967
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