Thursday, March 31, 2005

A bevy of Finished Objects for your delectation, Gentle Readers....Yesterday I finished of a TON of UFOs. Here's the shortlist:
The Minisweater Redux all laced up.

The Mini Hoodie, front and

Back. This was inspired by R2 with the crazy big holes you can just make out. When I first used this skein I knit up a simple scarf thinking it would show off the yarn, but it just looked like a shaved poodle. It was named Poor Fifi. I still like the name :) ooops, just noticed in the foto that I didn't take out the stitchmarker lol

Here I am on tippytoes trying to look like I have long legs when really, you should be checking out the shrug I mentioned a few weeks ago w/o a name, worked up in Bernat Cashé. I assure you I do have two feet. (arrr! captain morgan has only one.mmm....captain morgan)

Keep with me now....b/c this is the coolest: so I was making Twinkle's 'cabled shrug' from VKwinter04 and then I changed the yarns, length, cuffs, collar and um orientation (I have it on backwards) and this is the most beautiful knit ever. It doesn't come across in the photo but it's a jumbo cable over 30sts. I used Homespun in Corsican and dare I say it....phentex black for the cuffs....I wasn't at home and got the idea for black cuffs. I will redo them.

But the real star is the Drop Stitch detailing! Look at the amazing curves of the cable b/c of it! Wow. Now I want to dropstitch everything.
Well, I head off on the train today, so I'm feeling v.virtuous about all this posting! (maybe there will be lots of comments when I get home? *hint hint*lol I'm so needy)

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter/Ostera! Hope you all had good dinners. Easter knitting? Well sort of. My mum is putting on Alice at the highschool where she teaches, and here's what I knit the White Rabbit. She'll be so fluffy and cute!
In other news, I've started a new blog: Fiberous's just that. I'm trying to make a real effort to keep my wouldbe projects and ideas in order and cut down on paper. (Also I can't afford Rowan Magazines or to shop at Anthropologie so I will have to make up my own patterns from these photos.)

Oh, and here's what I want to make from the new VKInternational. I don't like how they're showing it here but you can imagine. This whole spread is v.rowan inspired :) 

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Coppelia-esk granny square top. I have so many FOs w/o photos yet. It's making me crazy. I head back to Halifax after easter and now I'm terrified that I wont be able to blog on my laptop...some programs work on it and some don't. I should be able to blog but not as often, so I'm planning on posting a lot between now and then. I also want to start a page of potential projects or at least things I want to copy :) Wow this photo is really something lol

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New armband for my old school ipod. patt from knit.1. in bravo crazy colour 'barcelona'.("I can't escape these velvet drapes, don't want my rings to fall off my fingers") I adjusted the pocket size for my jumbopod and the arm circ. for my apparently oversized upper arms...(wtf)

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Monday, March 21, 2005

I havn't been blogging....entré nous, I've been entrelac-ing. I've wanted to try this so bad, but was so confused by the instructions I found online that I almost cried into my knitting (no lie) *until* I broke down and bought Interweave's 'Scarf Style'. I didn't think anything could ever justify a whole book of scarf patterns but I am in love with this book! And the entrelac instructions for the 'Lady Eleanor' shawl actually make sence. I think I'm just making a square swatch here. I could turn it into a bag or a pillow...I joined the Scarf Style Knitalong and found lots of beautiful examples of my goal: Lady Eleanor in Noro. You have to go look! I've also started "Ruffles" and see many of them in my future. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

I seamed up my "Lamé" and found that it's too big for me. So I stoped at the waistband on the second side. I figured I can still just cinch it and tie it differently so it fits at the waist, but then I tried it on as a ponchlette

Doesn't it look great? Even with out the funky weaving I want to do through all the eyelets. I'm going to use a varigated ribbon yarn and maybe a satin fabric with ragged edges-that's what they did in the R2 mag. I think I'm going to have to make another though cause I like it both ways! This way reminds me of the Rowan Biggie Stuff. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lots of news, first of all Happy International Women's Day! Check out the link to Femiknitz to the left and do something to celebrate. If there isn't anything official going on near you then just do something nice for a lady friend today!

Speaking of nice lady friends, my secret pal sent me a gift certificate to! Thank you! Here's what I got:

On the needles, "Lame" from R2's second issue (but not using fuzzifelt). It's working up really quickly in a lovely cranberry. **Big News** I submitted to StichnBitch Crochet!! I'm not supposed to say what I sent in....I'm so excited! 2nd piece of big news is my new Photo Galleries. Same link, but now being hosted over at Blogspirit. Check them out! I'm really pleased. Will post later with photos of finished DNA cable and **First***Felting Project!!
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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Forgot to post: this was the project for the train. I finally started the Double Helix Cable. I think I'm going to use mine as an insert in a sweater...maybe as the spine? The people at the clinic were amused, I think. I can't explain DNA but I sure can knit it. Posted by Hello

Just got back from Toronto trip. Did not go near any yarn stores! Dr.s appointment went well and shopping better; a Dame Darcy (One of my all time favorite ladies) book at silver snail, got caught up in Blue Monday issues I had missed, beautiful beaded jewlery at Bitter Sweet and great birthday presents for Mum :)

Most exciting thing though was a trip to the Textile Museum of Canada. It was not what I expected and I didn't have as much time to look around as I would have liked, but we spent quite a while at the Museum Shop. I must get my work in there.

But the most amazing thing is....Kaffe Fassett exhibition this summer!!! I don't think he'll be there, but I really hope I'll be able to be. It's really got me thinking I should start turning out some serious work....after the deadline for Debbie Stoller's Crochet book. REALLY need to get going on that. Thinking, nalgene cozy, poncho, hat with ribbon....I really want to be a part of this book!!

It was freezing in TO and my feet got mighty slushy, so it wasn't worth it to do ken market or the fashion district for ribbons. Besides, the trip to the hospital was crazy stressful, especialy because there's a funeral parlor opposite the entrance. Always reassuring. But then I suppose there's a graveyard across from the hospital in Halifax.

Everyone was staying inside because of the weather so I didn't see many inspiring woolies, but we did make a stop at Misdemeanors. It's really changed since it moved across the street. (I know I am probably way behind the times) The new store was inspiring in a sort of 'why the hell don't I do that, if only I knew how to sew' kind of way. I could make beautiful embellished dresses...I just don't know if there are enough people to buy them where I live.

Waited in the train station thinking how exhausted I was and cold and wet and so decided.... go see Big Sugar's Gordie's new band Grady 2 hours after getting off the train. These are the stupid things I do that work out amazingly. Awesome show, great time, many a wink and smile and now, the next day so sore and tired it's not even funny. Oh well, c'est la vie d'morgan. (La vie du m'organ is okay according to Doc! lol) Posted by Hello

That's right, Gordie Grady Johnson kissed my hat. I wasn't going to ask him to give up his much loved cowboy hat so I asked for a pose and this was his response! It was inspired by my telling him Joel Plaskett tried my hat on..."I bet Joel Plaskett never gave your hat a kiss!" said he. Coolest guy ever. Friend to trews, BOTH Robinson brothers and you and me. My plan for rock domination through novelty hats is slowly coming together..... Posted by Hello
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