Sunday, December 07, 2008

Keith's Bottle Cap Trivet

How about a few simple acts of green in one go. Liberated Bottle Caps and selvaged ends of yarn combine to create a functional and zakka trivet. A trivet is a coaster that helps retain heat while it's main purpose is to keep your table top clean and safe. So reuse, recycle, and reduce the number of times you need to zap your tea or soup in the microwave with this free pattern.

Keith's Bottle Cap Trivet
©Morgan Forrester, 2008

14 Bottle caps without dents
Small amounts of yarn and cotton. I used vintage scraps which are equivalent to:
No. 10 Crochet Cotton
DMC Embroidery Floss
Fingering weight wool.

To get a vintagey colour palate, try tea dying white, cream and baby blue. Tutorial here.

1.00mm crochet hook (larger for heavier wool)
Darning needle. -I love Chibi needles for their bent tip.

ch 10, sl st to form ring. (Do not opt for magic loop)
ch 4, tc in next ch st, *2 tc in each ch st* around. (20 tc) sl st in 4th ch to join.

Begin creating the pocket for your Bottle cap by double crocheting in each tc BUT do not complete the stitch -leave each dc on the hook. Your hook will only accommodate so many stitches. When this happens, simply yarn over and pull through all loops left on the hook. This will rapidly decrease the number of stitches on the next round. Join beg and end of the round with a slip stitch.

If you find this a bit tricky, you may try the following after the tc row:

ch 3, dc in each tc, sl st in 3rd ch to join,
This is a good time to insert your Bottle cap.

ch 1, sc2tog in each dc, sl st to join.
Rep this last row until a small opening remains no matter which decrease method you use(number of rounds will depend on gauge). If you look closely, you'll see that I used both methods project.
You may choose to leave this open; the Bottle cap is secure.
To close, sc3tog as possible, then tie off leaving a long tail. Thread this tail on a needle and sew close. Snip, but keep your tails!

Simple sewing attaches the Bottle caps together. When connecting two colours, sew with the tail of the lighter colour unless it is cream/white. White stitches stand out too clearly.
My trivet is a simple shape, but that means that little fibs really show up. Here's how I would connect the caps if I were being a fussbudget. This technique is a good one when dealing with crochet motifs in general.
Trace your caps onto brown paper in the following pattern. A vertical row of:

2, 3, 4, 3, 2

Assign your colours and note them.

Attach the caps in vertical rows. Next sew the rows of 2 to the rows of 3, and then connect the rows of 3 to the middle, 4 cap row.


cattiekit said...

Ooooooohhh - what a great excuse to go out and load up on refreshing beverages with bottle caps.

Getting my Holiday Cheer on a little early, but what the hey - this is a GREAT use for for all those pesky leftover bottle caps!

Thanks so much!

Mary, Mary... said...

I saw this on Ravelry and it made my day. Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

I have been making these for years using water bottle caps (The idea was published in Martha Stewart Magazine), but it never occurred to me to use metal caps! What a great idea, thanks :)

lelah said...

My Mom has a great trivet just like this that was made about 60 years ago! My Great Aunt made it to look like a bunch of grapes. It's held up astonishingly well.

Kieriat said...

I saw your pattern on Lime and Violet's advent-great idea for the green types on my Hanukkah list!

Ava said...

Wow! Did you know Craft magazine has featured this on their blog?
Do you think it will be in the magazine?
Better get drinking and aim for a book deal!

Lisa said...

sooo cute!! As soon as I finished your post, I promptly copied you pattern into my evernote account.
I like the idea of dying some of the yarns to give a more vintage look. I can't wait to make one.

Ginger said...

Great tutorial we can save the caps this New years! Thank you so mu ch for the tutorial Happy New years!

Mike Wild said...

Greetings Morgan, I would like permission to use your photo of Keith's Bottle Cap Trivet in a short article we will run on Planet Green. Please contact me as soon as possible, as I am under deadline for the story. I can't find your contact info, so this is the only way I can reach you. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards, Mike Wild said...

This is such a fantastic project! I'll be linking to this.

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Anonymous said...

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Cathi said...

My grandmother made these for decades. I am so happy to have found instructions here. Hint... she always covered the caps in aluminum foil first.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely glad to find this. great job!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic idea and could be further improved by mentioning the other things you can use these delightful things as eg. belt (gives it structure), beret (the middle bit) or even decoration on t-shirts and jeans. Bravo for such a good idea!

Candice said...

Your project's been Candoodled! I love it so I've shared it:

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