Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holiday Knitting 1940's Style

Pretty, cream-coloured slub linen is the material used;
it washes splendidly.

We chose jade green striped with white for this new idea in beach suits. Close-fitting pants are worn under the wide swinging skirt which you can also wear in casual fashion as a shoulder cape.

-Stitchcraft Magazine, Holiday Issue

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Woollen Bathing Suits #2

For sunny days by the sea or river this trim two-piece swim suit is knitted in a simple four-row pattern which produces a firm close stitch and ensures a smooth-fitting garment. The neat-looking shorts of the original set were in light green, and the brassiere in dark green with light borders.
A narrow band of ribbing at the waist of the shorts is threaded with a crochet cord which ties at the side for a comfortable fit. Elastic is threaded through a hem at the lower edge of the brassiere.

The -edit-will love to spend as much time as possible in the open air by the sea, or in the garden, if she is wearing this attractive little one-piece swim suit. The original was in pale blue and navy.
The main part of this neat little swim suit is in a six-row box pattern, and the narrow waistband, borders and shoulder straps are in rib stitch.

For hot sunny days out of doors, this delightful little swim suit, with its effective chicken motif marching gaily across the bib front, will prove an indispensable summer garment. -edit  It has a high bib back and front, and fits snugly at the waist with a band of deep ribbing.
The chicken motif is embroidered in "Swiss-darning," and a shell crochet edging adds a decorative finishing touch. The original garment was in red and white.

Trim-fitting and neat, this attractive two-piece swim suit is ideal. -edit  Knitted in two colours, the original garment looked gay and charming, the main part in bright yellow, with Fair Isle borders and edges trimmed with bright blue. A crochet cord is fitted through a hem round the top edge of the shorts to allow for a snug fit. The brassiere is tied at the back.
Small holes at centre-front of the brassiere are threaded with a crochet cord which is drawn up to fit.

Complete Family Knitting Illustrated 1946ish
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