Saturday, October 08, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI am no felter. I am, however the creatrix of one kicking nalgene cozy (crocheted in cotton). Thread at Craftster. So I thought I'd try a knitted version. Thinking ahead I used B&L pure wool, figuring that if the switch from hearty crochet to flexable knitting resulted in a flaccid cozy (no one wants that) I could felt the hell out of it till it smartened up and stiffened up. I also prayed I wouldn't have to resort to felting. (It scares me...I can think of lots I could do with felting attempts gone awry...patchwork, flower cutouts, relief motifs, embroidery....but then I'd still have to start the project over again, and with less confidence. bla)
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So, With a crocheted bottom and knit sides and handle (which I was convinced I had fastened twisted) I ended up with this. A big floppy squid casing. Before I could think too long about what purpose this thing could serve as is, I threw it in the washer and closed my eyes.
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I think I should have opened them sooner. I guess the washer was full of invisable fluff that is only visable after it attaches itself to squid casings. This photo doesn't do the carnage justice. It really was awful. So what could I do but whip out my handy lady disposable and shave the beast. I guess that really is what you're supposed to do. It felt wrong and I'm disturbed that I even thought of it. Here I am shaving the naughty squid.Image hosted by
The moral of this story? Well there isn't one and god knows why I spent so long telling you all this. I'm going to submit the pattern, I think (once I figure out how to avoid the mystery fluff). I know I just wouldn't want to follow a pattern that says H hook, 6.5mm circs, ladies razor. The finished cozy is loverly though and nice and stiff.
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Soundtrack: "My Doorbell", White Stripes-thank you Lindsay!


Anonymous said...

Shaving a felted item with lady bick is totally normal and mainstream (as opposed to perverted and alternative). No need to feel dirty and sordid. The hairy fuzz is unavoidable with some yarns. What a cute nalgene squid! I agree, felting is a huge leap of faith and very very scary.

ps. Photobucket told me I wasn't allowed to look at the keiths guy. Oh well.

Janey said...

The next time you try the felting you might want to put the object in a pillowcase. The "invisible fluff" not only attaches itself to the object being felted, it also fills up the lint holder/container in your washing machine, leading to an overflow when you're washing ordinary clothes in the future.
Ask me how I know this thing.

Happy knitting (and felting).

Lindsay said...

you're welcome! :)

Dawn said...

Hey Morgan,
Thanks for the comment. I love your nalgene cozy! And I know I would love NSCAD, had I ever been there.

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