Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!
Inspired by Steph and Moe at Stitch and Bitch last Wed nite (I finally made it!) I decided to post my pattern for THE perfect crocheted flower. A Samhain gift!

.Any yarn

.Any size hook

Chain 4. Join with a slip stitch to first chain to form a ring

*Chain 4, sc into ring* rep *to* 5 times. (You have 6 loops)

*sc into next loop, ch 1, dc, ch 1, sc* rep *to* in each loop.

Cut thread, weave in ends.

If you want a bigger flower, or to add layers of petals, you could stack flowers of different guages, or try this:

Don't "Cut thread, weave in ends."

*ch 5, sc into back of petal* rep*to* into back of each petal. (You have 6 loops)

*sc into next loop, ch 1, dc, ch 1, sc* rep *to* in each loop.

Also add tc to make even longer petals.

Pretty easy, huh?

Heres some flowers of various guages, and an idea of what you can do with all these things. Check Steph's page for an action shot of flowers in progress!

Soundtrack: Treehouse of Horrors 1-13 "That girl has more wicked witchery than Stevie Nicks!"

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe race to the finish is on and I am nearing the end of prep for our show like a heard of alpaca. Well, maybe just the one on the left with too much hair, or the little one that looks like he's going to trip over his own head.

Our site is up! This is great cause I seem to be the only one self-aggrandizing enough to have a site or blog of her own. (Yes I know I could have written 'assertive' 'proactive' or 'open' or 'clever', instead of seeming self-depricating. That is a 'blurt' of mine, if you've read Julia Cameron's 'Artist's Way.' I'm sure a lot of us are on our fifth try getting through it. lol) ::Anyway:: it is up and you can see it here. Ignore the fact that I'm the only one featured so far!! It's really not about me!! Keep checking in the next few days, I'm sure the fabu ladies will have it full of fun stuff soon.

I went up to LK and bought the new IK is so good!! I don't love everything sure, but I really prefered it to some issues of Interweave Knits. Projects I love: Ruffle Wrap, Neck Warmer, Lace Edge Skirt,Twin Set, and Shrug. Has everyone heard the episode of 'KnitCast', (the podcast) where Marie interviews the editor of IK? (I don't remember anyones name). I remember thinking it was really snotty of her to say she hadn't even visited the 'ScarfStyle'KAL. (I was in it). Well, she has redeemed herself in my eyes. I'm sure she was real worried lol.

Well, I was going to post some photos but it's just not happening. Maybe I will try again. I will leave off with a question for anybody reading from the uk or maybe australia (?) Here in Canada we're 8 months behind in Corrination Street (Shelly just had her weigh in at the bar and Katie's gone in for an abortion) Please tell me if/when Charlie Stubbs gets what he deserves, cause I can't even bring myself to watch. He's the most horrible man I've ever seen on a soap! That includes american soaps where the villians trap people in other dimensions and just might be the reincarnation of the family dog! (hee hee that would be funny on Corrie too! Poor Schmeichel!) Please let me know; he really turns my stomach.

Must think about something else...Here's the tunnel book I made in book arts. It kind of looks like crap cause it's not put together yet, but you get an idea of the tunnel effect. (and of course Liddy Buck makes everything look slick.)
Image hosted by

Soundtrack: "Start Wearing Purple", Gogal Bordelo

Saturday, October 22, 2005

And the winner is........Eeva!! The beautiful maid of Finland has won a sur-prize for letting us all know that it was 'Maritime Man' in the celebrity-hat-photo. She so craxy! I remember one time we had a beer in toronto and paid in dimes and pennies (it wasn't keiths though). Ah, sweet boozy memories....did you know that you can use dried corn cobs to exfoliate your legs? yes, Eeva and I have had many adventures. Here she is over breakfast (I was so sick that morning!) her skinny scarf is in 'matrix'.

So I was reading about Moe's struggle with (and current frogging of) Fleece Artist yarns (if you havn't seen them they are beautiful hand dyed yarns, often silk and a little over powering) and I thought I'd post my own fleece artist conundurm.

Image hosted by

My Mum bought these two hanks (sold as a kit for a jacket) in the summer and then designed this jacket with bell sleaves to be made from it. (My Mum doesn't knit lol) She understands that she is definatly not getting this for xmas. The mc still needs to be bought; a royal blue, and the FA mohair and bouclè will be the squiggles that go up from the bottoms. Ummm I think I can do this but the thought of it is making me a little nuts. Any ideas of a pattern I could base this on?

Image hosted by

I'm going to send her this swatch of nikki epstein's (my go to gal) embossed twining vine leaf to see if she can come up with something made of that for christmas. Should be much quicker. (picture is dark-sorry!)Image hosted by

In per knitting news I am getting really sick of making hats and scarves for the show so I found myself a challenge. It's the "Peplum Pullover" from the winter2002 VK. It has twisted cables, puffs, bobbles, eyelets and ruffles. Sounds god-awful doesnt it? I will make it anyway, I just have to find a sub for GGH 'Aspen'. I want to make this for cheap! (In case I look like a cartoon character in it).

Today I stopped a pretty girl on the street so I could get a look at her sweater. So cool! More chunky bulky weight yarn though. Why must it be so $$$? I am once again a slave to bernat. ick.

Soundtrack: the bastards upstairs who can NOT play guitar!!! Shut up!!!! D,C,G. We all get it!!! Enough!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Never let it be said that I sleep alone.
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Actually, yeah, 'alone' is better than 'with novelty yarns'.
The quest for cheap, quick, sybarite (holla! lol I just typed 'holla'!) and saleable items continues 'round the clock and is yielding some um, surprising results...and shortcuts.

So the biggest cheat of all (so far) is reusing the ready made afghan blocks (granny squares mostly) that I buy in bags from Value Village whenever possible. Is that so wrong? They're washed and fabrezed....the best reason for using them is that I can not make up these wacky retro granny colour pallets on my own. I try but it never works. I don't have the afghan gene I guess. That follows as my Granny makes some of the most beautiful non tacky afghans I've ever seen (not counting the now infamous 'daisy' afghan that looks like fried eggs).
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
::Anyway:: I got these weirdo granny hexagons. I thought I'd just seam two up to make a bag, which I did, but then (because I think I'm oxygen deprived at the mo) I put the bag on my head and voila!!!! I think it looks like some of galliano's 'ethnic' experiments...I tried to take photos, but what with the no oxygen thingie I look like a zombie model heroinheroine so please disregard.

In other news, Yorick is THE coolest thing I have seen on Knitty in a looooooong time! So clever!! Can I steal/modify the idea in time for the show? Can I find a washing machine to felt in? I feel like one of those people who only visit their relatives when they have laundry. I wanted to see Granny anyway; she was going to help me write a brief bio for the fashion bonanza's website. Trouble is, everything she comes up with is about herself. Apparently, I started kniting b/c I have "always been in awe of her". Also, b/c she didn't start crocheting til she was in her 50s I knew it wasn't to late for me. The way I remember it she taught me to crochet when I was like 9. Granny has also discovered jon bon jovi. ("well Morgan, you may be right about his crap music, but I like looking at him all the same. I'm deaf anyways")

Please check out my latest celeb hat photos. I hope they are proof that the bon-juvinile thing is not genetic. Colin and my old friend Jack (lol)of the Trews. Colin was so confused...It's on sideways! I guess that's how you'd model a monster hat to make it more street. lol nothing I do is remotely street. Jack was well into it as you can see. (he's wearing the same one Gordie Johnson kissed). Next on my hitlist? The Trailor Park Boys. Oh yes Bubbles, you will wear my crocheted glasses!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Soundtrack: "Sugar on my Tongue", Talking Heads "Train Robbers", The New Earth Mud mmmm new bootleg!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have been crocheting my adorable ass off for the upcoming show (Nov.5). I am stressing over the difference between what would impress the average buyer, the average fashionista, the average knitter/crocheter and then what would impress me if I saw it at a show. All very different aims. I have decided that I don't care if crocheters come and know how quick the items were to make and how big a hook I'm using (mostly P) and if knitters recognise that I only duplicate stitched a lot of the motifs, I hope they don't care. Now my problem is creating things that are so unique and artistic that they bypass those issues (and my guilt) w/o alienating everyone who comes. Not everyone will want the pink mohair and lace cloche with giant pom pomed ribbons that hang to the waist, but it's undoubtedly spectacular. Unfortuntatly I now have to focus on turning out a pile of hats that are more likely to sell. (not as satisfying).

The most exciting thing about this show is that we're going to have models (!) which means I can take pictures of people wearing my stuff -people who know how to work the items to their full ridiculousness potential and best of all no more crap ass photos of my reflection in dirty mirrors. (I must remember to buy windex...)Here's two hats. Boy, they look better in person. Oh well.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
A Victorian collar:
Image hosted by
and something for the Lads:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
(Ignore what appears to be a double chin in the above photo)I also made this scarf which I'm in love with and I'm not sure I'll be able to part with it. I wore it out last nite to see Kate and Anna McGarrigle (who were AMAZING; they were SO funny!!! They took 10min tuning and quibling before they managed to start each song and were just like a pair of twins I know-*sigh*). I was so in awe of them that I didn't even take photos. Well, just this one, and its crappy cause I didn't have the balls to use the zoom or display screen. I just blindly took a photo from the balcony when I didn't think anyone was looking. I have decided to marry into their family. Anyone know of any openings?
Image hosted by
ps can you felt duplicate stitching? Will it felt consistantly w/ the base stockinette?

Soundtrack:"Matapedia", McGarrigles

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI am no felter. I am, however the creatrix of one kicking nalgene cozy (crocheted in cotton). Thread at Craftster. So I thought I'd try a knitted version. Thinking ahead I used B&L pure wool, figuring that if the switch from hearty crochet to flexable knitting resulted in a flaccid cozy (no one wants that) I could felt the hell out of it till it smartened up and stiffened up. I also prayed I wouldn't have to resort to felting. (It scares me...I can think of lots I could do with felting attempts gone awry...patchwork, flower cutouts, relief motifs, embroidery....but then I'd still have to start the project over again, and with less confidence. bla)
Image hosted by
So, With a crocheted bottom and knit sides and handle (which I was convinced I had fastened twisted) I ended up with this. A big floppy squid casing. Before I could think too long about what purpose this thing could serve as is, I threw it in the washer and closed my eyes.
Image hosted by
I think I should have opened them sooner. I guess the washer was full of invisable fluff that is only visable after it attaches itself to squid casings. This photo doesn't do the carnage justice. It really was awful. So what could I do but whip out my handy lady disposable and shave the beast. I guess that really is what you're supposed to do. It felt wrong and I'm disturbed that I even thought of it. Here I am shaving the naughty squid.Image hosted by
The moral of this story? Well there isn't one and god knows why I spent so long telling you all this. I'm going to submit the pattern, I think (once I figure out how to avoid the mystery fluff). I know I just wouldn't want to follow a pattern that says H hook, 6.5mm circs, ladies razor. The finished cozy is loverly though and nice and stiff.
Image hosted by

Soundtrack: "My Doorbell", White Stripes-thank you Lindsay!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


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I have a prize for anyone who can tell me who this is in my latest celebrity-hat-photo.

ps. no locals!

pps. it has to be his official name/title; not just 'that guy'!

There are more 2 celebrity hat photos to come as well as the photostory of me testing the pattern and effing up the felting of this loverly nalgene cozy:

Image hosted by

Soundtrack: click here to see what Hollis and Morris should look like. No fibrefluff this time (re last post)-unless they stuff their pants with it now they've toured with plant...sort of sorry to say the jury's still out. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank You Natasha!!! Turns out Blogger (or maybe me by accident) changed my settings so that only 'team members' could post comments. Here I was stewing and steaming (and steeping of course) that no one loved me anymore! Post you must.

Thank You to Catheryn for letting me know that for some weird reason all my photos are coming across really dark. I don't have an image editor on this computer (not even paintbrush!!) so I think I'll just keep on posting as is and then go back and lighten them when I have access to another computer (unless theres an online photo editor that works for macs?)

In crafting news I was supossed to have a workshop this weekend to create a personal dress form -a ducttape judy- but it seems to have vanished into thin air. I was quite the sight wandering around the streets and piers of downtown halifax with my giganto bags of fibrefluff. I had a coffee in the pub, left a note at the school and got ready to walk home. I stopped along the way to listen to a Korean drum demonstration (!) when I was nearly knocked off my feet by a bunch of people running in what looked like the Amazing Race. (!?!) I asked, but they didn't want my help :(

In knitting news, I'm starting an alteration of Glampyre'sRaglan Cardi in Fleece Artist "Rapunzel" and "Slubby", and R2's "Drawn on and Dinky" in Collinette's "Giotto". I'm also agonizing over the single skeins of Noro I keep buying. I'm a projectcomittment-phobe when it comes to noro.

I will try posting those photos again......
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Is it done? I'm not sure.
Image hosted by
Here's a shrug thing in shetland lace, and what I hope is a better photo of the Kimono-sleaved Mohair thingie. Man. Someone stop me from taking crap photos in my dirty mirrors....Image hosted by

There now. Did it work?? I am so fed up with everything. Bla. Message me if they are too dark to make out.

ps Congratulations to Christine!!!!!!!!!!

Soundtrack: "Hollis and Morris [with 4 bags of fibrefleece]", The Trews.

*EDIT*: My bum is not that big; I'm sitting on the sink. I'm not really bootylicious, but man, am I ever edge of 17 *wink*
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