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Light & Lovely, Lady's Vintage Lace Sweater

1 oz Paton’s Beehive Fingering, 2-ply (“Patonised” shrink-resist finish), pink: a small quantity of contrasting-colour wool for the crochet edging; a pair each of No.9 and No.12 knitting needles; a medium-sized crochet hook; and a littly cotton wool.
Length from lower edge to top of shoulder, 21 inches; length of sleeve, along seam, 8.5 inches; to fit a 34 to 36-inch bust.
Two patterns in width to 3.5 inches, and one pattern in depth to 2 inches.
St(S), stitch(es); k, knit; p, purl; tog, together; rep, repeat; rem, remain(s)(ing)(der); inc, increase(ing); dec, decrease(ing); m, make; sl, slip; psso, pass the slipped stitch over; inst, instead of; patt, pattern; ch, chain; d.c., double crochet.

With No. 12 needles cast on 100 sts, and k1 p1 rib for 35 rows.
36th row: *Inc, rib 4; rep from *, ending row by in. rib 3 inc (121 sts).
Now change to No. 9 needles and patt thus:
1st row: All K
2nd row: All p
3rd row: K5, *m 1, sl 1, k2tog, and psso, m1, k9; rep from *, end row by k5 (inst. k9).
4th row: All p. Similarly every following even row.
5th row: K3, *k2tog, m1, k3, m1, sl1, k1, and psso, k5; rep from *, end row by k3 (inst k5)
7th row: As 3rd row.
9th row: All k.
11th row: K 11* m1, sl1, k2tog, and psso, m1, k9; rep from * end row by k11 (inst k9)
15th row: As 11th row
16th row: All p
These 16 rows compose the pattern. Work 5 more entire patts. (6 in all).
To Shape the Armholes.-
Cast off 4 sts, at the beginning of each of the next 6 rows, then k2tog at both ends of each of the following 6 rows (85 sts). Cast off, loosely.

With No.9 needles cast on 45 sts.
1st row: All k
2nd row: p 41, k4 and similarly every following even row. NB-These last 4 sts are worked in garter st to the end of piece.
3rd row: K 11; rep from *in 5th row of patt, ending rob by k3 (inst k5)
5th row: K 13 rep from * in 3rd row of patt, ending row by k5 (inst k9)
Keeping intact the border of 4 sts in garter st and the next 4 sts in stocking st, on the rem. 37 sts. work in patt as Black, working straight until 52 rows have in all been worked. Cast off.

Cast on 41 sts.
1st row: All k
2nd row: All p
3rd row: K 3; rep. from * in 5th row of patt, ending row by k7 (inst k5)
Working 37 sts in patt, as for Back and the last 4 sts in stocking st, work straight to match the Left portion.

Work as directed for the Back until 6 entire patts have been completed.
To Shape the Armholes
Cast off 4 sts at the beginning of each of the next 6 rows (97 sts). Work straight for 5 more rows.
Next row (wrong side of work): p 21, (p2tog) 6 times, p 31 (p2tog) 6 times, p21 (85 sts). Cast off.

Cast on 85 sts and p 1 row.
Next row: As 13th row of patt.
Work in patt. as usual, until 29 rows in patt. have been worked.
To Shape the Neck -
Next row (wrong side): p37, cast off 11, p to end.
Leave the first set of 37 sts for the present, and work One Shoulder thus:
On the Neck edge k2tog every row until 27 sts rem. Work straight for 22 more rows. Cast off.
Now revert tot hte set of 37 sts. and work the other Shoulder in the same manner, and to match.

THE SLEEVES (both alike)
With No. 12 needles cast on 84 sts, and k1 p1 rib for 15 rows.
16th row: Rib 6 *inc rib 2; rep. from * ending row bt inc rib 5 (109 sts)
Now change to No.9 needles, and work in patt as for Back until three entire patts and the first 8 rows of 4th patt have been completed.
To Shape the Top -
Cast off 3 sts at the beginning of each of the next 6 rows, then k2tog at the end of each row until 51 st s rem. Work straight for 14 more rows. Cast off 17 sts at the beginning of each of the next 2 rows (17 sts). Work straight in stocking st for 17 more rows. Cast off.

With No. 12 needles cast on 130 sts, and k1 p1 rib for 10 rows. Cast off.

THE BOWS (2 alike)
With No. 9 needles cast on 16 sts and work 4 rows in garter st, then commence in patt. thus:
1st row: k2, *m1, k2tog: rep from * end row by k2.
2nd row: K2, p until 2 rem. k2.
These 2 rows compose the patt
Work 5 more patts (6 in all)/
Next row: K2tog for the entire row (8 sts).
Net row: Inc 1 st in every st (16 sts), then rep 1st and 2nd rows of patt for 6 patts more, followed by 4 rows in garter st. Cast off. Work a second similar piece in the same way.

THE BUTTONS (8 alike)
With the crochet hook work 4 ch and fasten so as to form a ring, into which work 10 dc for the first round. Working dc over dc, work for 20 more dc, then insert a tuft of cotton wool and cover by working dc in every alternate dc until closed. Fasten off.

Join together the two pieces of Back Yoke to the Front Yoke by sewing up the shoulder seams. Using pink wool and the crochet hook, work 3 rows dc along the inner edge of right portion of Back Yoke, working 8 loops in the last row. Using contrasting wool, work 1 row dc all around the outer edge of the yoke; also round the edges of the bows.
Carefully press all the pieces on the wrong side under a damp cloth with a hot iron.
Neatly sew the lower portions of both Back and Front underneath the dc edging of the yoke. Sew the outer edges of the last 17 rows at top of sleeves to the cast off edges of 17 sts and neatly sew tops of sleeves underneath the crochet edging of yoke.
Sew collar to neck edge, folded in two lengthwise. Press seams while garment is still open. Sew up rem seams and press. Sew on buttons at back. Gather each bow in the centre and sew on as illustrated.
Originally published in Woman Illustrated, 1947

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