Saturday, October 29, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe race to the finish is on and I am nearing the end of prep for our show like a heard of alpaca. Well, maybe just the one on the left with too much hair, or the little one that looks like he's going to trip over his own head.

Our site is up! This is great cause I seem to be the only one self-aggrandizing enough to have a site or blog of her own. (Yes I know I could have written 'assertive' 'proactive' or 'open' or 'clever', instead of seeming self-depricating. That is a 'blurt' of mine, if you've read Julia Cameron's 'Artist's Way.' I'm sure a lot of us are on our fifth try getting through it. lol) ::Anyway:: it is up and you can see it here. Ignore the fact that I'm the only one featured so far!! It's really not about me!! Keep checking in the next few days, I'm sure the fabu ladies will have it full of fun stuff soon.

I went up to LK and bought the new IK is so good!! I don't love everything sure, but I really prefered it to some issues of Interweave Knits. Projects I love: Ruffle Wrap, Neck Warmer, Lace Edge Skirt,Twin Set, and Shrug. Has everyone heard the episode of 'KnitCast', (the podcast) where Marie interviews the editor of IK? (I don't remember anyones name). I remember thinking it was really snotty of her to say she hadn't even visited the 'ScarfStyle'KAL. (I was in it). Well, she has redeemed herself in my eyes. I'm sure she was real worried lol.

Well, I was going to post some photos but it's just not happening. Maybe I will try again. I will leave off with a question for anybody reading from the uk or maybe australia (?) Here in Canada we're 8 months behind in Corrination Street (Shelly just had her weigh in at the bar and Katie's gone in for an abortion) Please tell me if/when Charlie Stubbs gets what he deserves, cause I can't even bring myself to watch. He's the most horrible man I've ever seen on a soap! That includes american soaps where the villians trap people in other dimensions and just might be the reincarnation of the family dog! (hee hee that would be funny on Corrie too! Poor Schmeichel!) Please let me know; he really turns my stomach.

Must think about something else...Here's the tunnel book I made in book arts. It kind of looks like crap cause it's not put together yet, but you get an idea of the tunnel effect. (and of course Liddy Buck makes everything look slick.)
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Soundtrack: "Start Wearing Purple", Gogal Bordelo


Steph said...

Charlie burns my biscuit too. I can't stand him. Shelley is so blind. Why can't she see what a manipulative bastard he is? I'll be watching the Corrie marathon tomorrow morning. I'll let you know when if Charlie gets his comeuppance, k?

Catheryn said...

Hey Morgan:

Congrats on hitting the finish line for the fashion good luck. Break a leg and can't wait to see the pics.

As to Coronation Street, at least you get it on your telly, we have to rent it from a local shop in Santa Monica. We just watched an episode that aired a couple of weeks ago and Charlie still hasn't really had his comeuppance yet but it's getting there. Let's just say there's a wedding involved...... He can never be as horrible as Trevor was on East Enders. It's starting to get good again but with some silly story lines thrown in as only Corrie can do.....

Once again good luck!!!

Yuri said...

FYI, it's gogol bordello... anway, nice crochet and pics

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