Sunday, August 28, 2005

School starts again soon...taking more classes at NSCAD....but I am in Ontario. The drive back with Mum and the cat was smooth enough (except we still can't find the Le Chateau Outlet...any help?) unfortunatly Ginny the pussycat had to stay in her cage (she broke out of the cat carrier) the whole time. Why? Because this is her favorite spot in the car:

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So soon I'll head back on the train. It's a beautiful trip and a perfect way to see the Canadian wilderness. Case in point: New Brunswick last winter:

lol I always watch for that sign but I have yet to see any proof of a restaurant. So on to one of the summer's wooly adventures. In like a week I met the Fleece Artist (at her home/studio in Laurencetown NS) and went to Gaspereau Valley Fibres. I don't have any pictures of Fleece Artist (we didn't excpect to stumble into her studio coming back from the beach) but here's a friend my aunt and I made at Gaspereau:Image hosted by

Here's the fabulous inside of the shopImage hosted by And what I bought:Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by The huge ball of slubby is Fleece Artist and already well on it's way to becoming a jacket for submission. All v.hush hush don't you know.

ps The insane video I mentioned has gone to air. You can watch it live here.but the streaming really sucks. If you make out a dwarf kicking it royaly in an orange skirt c'est moi. I work it out (really working out frustration over goddamn IK Flower Casket Shawl I took w/ me that day.)

I will go now, the little man I see when I close my eyes is telling me I have to get back to my 1,000+ UFOs and OTNs.... Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I have been having so many fibrous adventures I really need to get them up here. First off, my weaving class has been amazing and though (b/c it's summer) I haven't been able to take full advantage of the classes and studio time, I'm really pleased with what I've turned out and v.excited about what I've learned. The piece whose portrait I took while still on the loom is now off, and ready for it's close up:Image hosted by

The ends are combinations of mohair, alpaca, eyelash, ribbon, slub, thread, ladder, acrylic, phentex and other good coupled with slightly dirty things. (lol "Shhh...I'm into phentex baby.") ::Anyway::The middle is a sampler. I don't know the names of the patterns and if I wasn't such a colossal idiot I would have dutifully written down each pedal combination as I went.Image hosted by

A thing of beauty to be sure, but now where do I put it? I think I'll hang it on my massive wall of photos currently resplendent with enrelac and tunisian crochet. It's time to rotate the permanent collection.

Possibly the most exciting class for me was spinning day. We had a special guest in.Image hosted by Damn you Elenore and your lace weight spinning. (Thank you too!) "Slub" doesn't even begin to describe my efforts-know what I mean?lol. My best advice so far? Plug in your headphones and listen to something sexy like The Donnas or The Stones to help keep your treadling steady and let the wheel know you're not taking any crap off it. (Even though my spinning fantasies are dainty and genteel, I swore quite a bit on my first go. I also started spinning my own hair quite by accident. Go on. Picture it. I know you are. Thought I'd be Sleeping Beauty but discovered my inner Rumplestiltskin. There you have it.)Image hosted by

So I bought a wheel (which is broke and I have to take it to this Emerg. Dr. at the IWK Hospital who calls himself 'The Spin Doctor' LOL) and along with my Mum and Aunt cleaned the fleece from Ontario in Aunt Vic's backyard. It all went v.well with the slight exception of the chocolate brown dreadlocked sheepies whose fleece I will leave off with. (Yes it's their fleee-ce. I swear it. All real Mr. Hankies were rinced away.)

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

My First Show!

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So, with 6 other ladies, I showed at the first (of many I hope) Unique Fashion Bonanza at the Khyber, here at in Halifax. I hope that we will have a site up soon, so you can all see the other talented people involved! If any of you fellow knitters can find an oppourtunity to do a show like this you MUST take advantage. I learnt so much about pricing and got invaluable feedback. On the 'value' side of things I made $150!! Honestly, I would have been happy with just the experience, but more honestly...$150!!! It was mainly due to my Flower Cloches at $25. Here's a lovely lady (who is a model in an upcoming knitting book?!?! not mine and I don't remember the name...)trying one on.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com3 more went to other girls in the show which I could kick myself for not getting shots of. Weird, b/c they're not what I thought would sell. I had made up lots of smaller things -pins, cozies etc. thinking people might have just stopped in and not be able to afford some of the other items but would feel like they were supporting the show by buying one of my $1 flower pins. Obviously I can't complain but I was v.surprised. We're having another show in November, and I think I'll do more hats, but also do some luxury scarves. People will pay for 'multi fibred' objects and they'd make great presents for xmas....should probably start that soon.

So the only downside to all this is that any personal knitting had to be put on the back burner (despite resorting to an S/19mm hook to finish the hats sooner). I have two submission pieces to finish up. Any advice on submitting to printed magazines? VKI, IK, even Family Circle?

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I have been a v.bad blogger. I've been getting settled, holidaying a bit and keeping up with weaving class. Most of my knitting/crochet efforts have been geared towards the following, my first group show.
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Yay! Success! Feedback! $$$! Will post photos and details later.

In other news, Christine emailed me with a v.clever, v.ambitious idea which ties in with something else secret I've been thinking about doing lately. We need a new venue for our patterns. After such a gret experience w/ the show, I'm feeling v.industrious. Will keep you all posted!

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