Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hi! My name is Inky Dinky Doo. You can call me 'Id' *wink*. As you may have noticed, Morgan has been the worst blogger ever. She feels very bad about this so I am stepping in for her. She's been very busy around the apartment. She's been reading,

Perfecting her oven baked fish extravaganza (maybe she'll post the recipe) *I should add that she never cooks octo*

Making friends for me (not sure how I feel about this)

And she has come up with the best yarn storage solution ever; the wall of yarn! The best part is that the apartment is warmer!

Outside the house, she's done another Unique Fashion Bonanza show (I did not attend which is too bad; some cute girls picked up v.pomoboho hats) and has been teaching classes with her fancy Teacher's Crochet Hook (which I can't find right now).

Her latest creation is the 'Permanant Corsage'. I think they are almost as pretty as I am, but that's just Id's ego talking.

I hope I don't have to blog for her again. Spring is here (happy equinox) and I hope she comes out of hibernation soon.

I think it was the Elann sweater from hell that got her down but once it's blocked I'm sure she'll be back on here, posing as ever. If she doesn't I might have to pass the torch onto the needle felted alpaca 'Al'. Trust me; nobody wants that. He can't stand up. Plus, he might spit on the keyboard. Yuck. Oops! Better watch my ink...that's an Inky Dinky Don't. Got to keep myself adorable

Soundrack: "Octopus's Garden", The Beatles, "Rock Lobster", The B52s"
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