Saturday, November 29, 2008

Handi Amigurumi

I was late warming to Ravelry, mainly because I don't use patterns often. I can be such a stick-in-the-mud. The site has been a great tool; assessing yarns and their properties is easy now, and I'm often lurking around noting sweater fits and sizes on real bodies.
In preparation for an Amigurumi class I looked up patterns with construction styles I hadn't tried. Here are two great results. I also love these projects' functionality : practical whimsy!

Sprinkle Donut Pin Cushion
Free pattern at Crochetville.
Cherry Pie [T-pin cushion, great for blocking help]. *Whipped Cream is Icelandic Sheep Fleece!
Free pattern at Craftster.
I am pomoboho on Ravelry. Let's be friends.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Think I spotted a reader of this blog downtown yesterday. If nothing else it told me I'd better post.
Here is some handspun. I think I'm finding my niche, but there are lots of different techniques that interest me. My current stumbling block is boucle. I've tried a few methods but can't happen on the look I'm going for. I think it's down to fibre type. I need a silkier something for the single that becomes looped.
These ideas came up in the mean time.
Simple thick and thin 2 ply, Louet "Karaoke" (50% soy silk), colourway "Rainbow"

Same as above (2nd multi combo "Playful")

Silk blend from Gaspereaux (purchased at Maritime Spinners Retreat), plied with DMC floss, German frayed ribbon, metallic flowers, paper flowers, tiny Indian bells and NZ merino (from a Top Knot)-more of this sort of thing to come.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Here are some goings on that have gone on this autumn.

Late September The Loop tended booth again at Pacafiesta, Halifax's Fibre Show and Alpaca love-in. It proved as strange and endearing as ever. I fell for a Schacht loom, and lost my heart to many pairs of bedroom eyes. Here are some friends...

Soon after came Nocturne, Halifax's first annual art at night festival. I packed up my spinning wheel (a Louet Victoria) and joined Mimi and Karla in the Loop window. Our living art installation kicked up good moods on busy Barrington St along with merry kinetic energy, luring people inside where Cathy hosted a charity knit a thon. Read about our nocturne yarn and donations here.

At the end of October, fellow Victoria spinner Mimi and I headed up to Cape Breton's Gaelic College for the Maritime Spinner's Retreat. Tanya has a great post-retreat write up here.
I learned lots about my new craft, but I may have come away with more questions than answers. That's a good situation though, happily sequestered as I am in novice land.

PS Any tips on photographing Handspun?
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