Thursday, October 06, 2005


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I have a prize for anyone who can tell me who this is in my latest celebrity-hat-photo.

ps. no locals!

pps. it has to be his official name/title; not just 'that guy'!

There are more 2 celebrity hat photos to come as well as the photostory of me testing the pattern and effing up the felting of this loverly nalgene cozy:

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Soundtrack: click here to see what Hollis and Morris should look like. No fibrefluff this time (re last post)-unless they stuff their pants with it now they've toured with plant...sort of sorry to say the jury's still out. *wink wink nudge nudge*


Aven said...

I only know him as "The Alexander Keith" guy -- the spokesman (?) for Alexander Keith beer in all those ads, where he's the amusing over-the-top Scot. (Ok, I find him kind of irritating, but he's clearly supposed to be amusing). I don't know if that's good enough!

I've always loved his sweater. I'll watch the commercials just for it.

Aven said...

Hey -- those cables are twisted on themselves as well as being part of the larger cables, aren't they? Or at least that's what it looks like in the picture. That's incredible! I want to make that sweater...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't see the photo, it is squished into a vertical bar for some reason. After hearing from aven who it is, I'm dying to see it. Hmm, I think I heard his name/title somewhere...but I'm a local anyway and exempt regardless (even though I can't come up with the title)

Anonymous said...

Is he Mr. Keith?

Dani xo

Anonymous said...

Spillypants!!! I love him!
Is his name something like that? I don't know :(
Didn't Joel Plaskett wear that hat in another photo??
I agree with aven: cool sweater cables.
Luv, Nik

Anonymous said...

I see him, I see him! Great picture. I don't know what is a bigger thrill, him or deaner & terry.

Eeva! said...

Yay for Maritime Man!

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