Sunday, June 05, 2005

So If you havn't guessed, gentle readers, I have my camera back so here's some shots of what I've been up to

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Here's my knitting den of late

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Stained Glass Pannel in Tunisian Crochet
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Entrelac in Noro
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Freeforming and
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A bucket load of flowers that will soon be a shrug...

You likey?

ps. The first ever Halifax (HRM) Stich and Bitch was a ton of fun and we all hope more of you will come out of the woodwork soon. Uncommon Grounds on SouthPark and Victoria next Wed. Be there or be macrame
Soundtrack: "Leave it Alone", Rich Robinson, "Factory", Martha Wainwright


Anonymous said...

Am not making any sort of promise - but at what time is the HRM S&B on Wednesday?
I live in Wolfville but have to drive in to Hfx a couple of times a week you see.
Not that I have anything marked on my calendar requiring a Halifax visit next Wednesday - yet. But here's hoping!

Happy knitting,

caitlyn said...

I especially like the Entrelac in's beautiful!

Marina said...

Yes, I do. The freeform looks fascinating & the Entrelac looks gorgeous.

Is that difficult? Could we have more pictures & comments, please? Maybe that will spur me on to begin the Noro entrelac jacket I've been lusting after for over a year ;^)

natasha said...

is the freeform all knitted? i recently got the book on that, i dunno if you have it...or if you wrote it, it looks like, but it looks gorgeous so far...

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