Friday, June 24, 2005

It's official: Summer is here! It's blustery and I still need a cardi most days but look how lovely it was in the public gardens this morning:

Image hosted by

I took a stroll after my MD appointment b/c it was soooo sunny out.
On my walk I met a duck and visited the swans and was almost attacked by pigions (sorry, no photo of them)

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Then I saw some ducks sinking the Titanic. Look out!Image hosted by

All in all an eventful day in the park. I took one of the swan feathers (from the ground; they bite!) and it is soooo soft, I want to knit swans. Then I had the brilliant idea to knit Bjork's swan dress. Someone on craftster made one so I think I could knit it...but never will. I'm 'that' knitter.

I'm going to take photos at Alteration class tonight...

ps I don't know why yesterday's photos are so tiny...sorry!
pps 'Yesterday's' post is actually from earlier today. I'm just messing with your heads. I like to think I'm controling knitblogland's notion of time.

Soundtrack"This Nearly was Mine" Lindsey Buckingham,

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ibancito said...

Lovely little pictures of swans...and I like the butterflies a lot too.

..::*Jen*::.. said...

I just have to say how strange it was when I came to your blog it said June 24th kinda threw me off gaurd...its June 23rd here at 3:41 in the afternoon.

I love the pics. :-)

Lauren said...

Lovely pics, Morgan :) Thanks for sharing your summertime with us.

Have a great weekend!

carrie said...

such delightful photos! congrats on the knitting job, and do show us progress reports on the wares that you plan to sell.

christine said...

Ahhhhhh, finally! Blogger was being a gaylord and wouldn't let me leave a comment for like 2 days!!! And I sent you an email to you but that was a while ago and I'm not sure if you ever got that..
You should send the sweater idea to Spun. The deadline for the fall issue is july 29th for materials, but you'd have to send her your concept like NOW.. I've got a skirt that'll be in that issue! (I just have to re-do the bottom, DRAG!)
Well... Boston (actually Allston/jamaica plains) is only an hour and a half from me... And my pal Ian lives in Portland MAine.. I can ask him how far Boston is from there, I think it's about the same.. Let's definitely get together!!!!! One of my good pals Sarah lives in Cambridge, so we can all sleep over her house!!! She's a crazy militant feministic lawyer chick whose semi-crazy (in a good way) and is hip to all the cheapest bars!
Okay and about the dating.. Here's a couple.. Mark Arm (mudhoney),Gene Trautman (QOTSA), Bryan Cox (alabama thunderpussy)...
Oh, and I did an album with the supersuckers under the name "junkyard dogs" that was pretty funny!
More later!
Ooh, I just finished a dress that you are going to love love love! Pics later!

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