Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Minisweater debacle: resolution? compromise? After reading the great thread at craftster.org about Glampyre's amazing free pattern for the 'Minisweater' and seeing that Trebuchet had managed to create what I wanted my sweater to look like I took this out again for the frirst time since xmas. Oh dear. See I decided to use eyelet increases which created a different number of sections and I wasn't sure what was sleave and what was body. So I fibbed. The lovely thing is that I now have extra puffy sleaves and corseting action down the back. (will post 2nd photo.) I'm going to join the body now and continue knitting in the round (in garter) to create a whole sweater! So in the end I'm disapointed that I don't have a Minisweater, but SO pleased with what I (think I) will have! **but don't do eyelets!** Posted by Hello

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