Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Like so many other crafts, knitting has the potential to create magic in our lives."

Kaffe Fassett, you are my hero. Last night I scored some old knitting magazines...including a 1988 Vogue Knitting International with a feature article on Kaffe. It only reminded me that he is a very bosie-licious man.

I've already tried 4 of the patterns in this photo, I will have to try another. But which one?

Oh, revalation; Kaffe prefers circs, a tip he got from the ever circular Elizabeth Zimmerman....well I already knew he wasn't a straight man. story of my life *boo hoo* lol

ps. Kaffe is much cooler than the 'Knitting Prince of Japan', Mitsuharu Hirose. I propose an Iron Chef type battle.
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Danielle said...

I to love KF. Which ones have you tried? I am looking at doing a bag with one of his flowers from his first book. Love the colors the life that he brings out in his work.


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