Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Things a Granny Square Can Do

My first full-fledged crocheted garment was a jacket made of two giant granny squares, crocheted together into a 'T' formation. The two squares were seamed together to form the spine, the opposite edges left open as the front of the jacket. The sleeves and collar were crocheted off this form while working a sc edging round the whole shebang.
I wouldn't mind remaking it. Or even finding it so I could wear it on the cool days to come.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when experimenting with granny squares is this:
Granny Squares can be...
two triangles together


sylvchezplum said...

I am a total fan of those vintage granny squares patterns and have been collecting them lately. Some of your pics I had never seen and are very cool !
I find GS open SO many possibilities, and there's yet several designs I'd love to try. Would love to see that sweater you made too, construction sounds interesting.. :-P

morgan said...

I just found the pattern for my gs sweater...will post it and other gs photos. (My actual sweater is still lost somewhere in my apartment)

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