Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vintage Needlework Ads #7

The first paper one writes for a TKGA Master of Knitting Title is an eager beaver ode to Blocking, Washing, and Caring for knitware. When I wrote mine, I could barely contain myself and ran on and on for pages. While I respect the people who make use of these finishing steps as a way to honour their work and who like the preciousness, the old-timeyness of blocking, I also kind of respect the folks who can't be bothered with blocking at all.
I myself enjoy the forced domesticity of the thing, the special tools, chemicals and potions, and the excuse to 'never be quite done' with a piece.
I like these snappy ads for 'easy care' yarns too...
Click to Enlarge.
Bucilla Superwash Ad Circa 1972
I love this one!

Dupont Ad for new fibre blends; Orlon, Sayelle and Wintuk.
Circa 1975

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