Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Needlework Ads #9

"Get a Hand for your Handbags"
Columbia-Minerva ad from the mid-seventies.
My stereotypicaly cutting Ballet Master would have told me I was going nowhere in life for turning my leg in like the girl in this ad. Or maybe that I danced like an ostrich who couldn't catch a man.

"Burning up the Town" Nothing fires imagination and creativity faster than feltpoint kits form Columbia-Minerva. It's the hottest rage of the season. Beatutiful, easy-to-make creations are such fun to make, you'll want to to try several at once. There's something to warm the hearts of all you love. Choose bold, dramatic patterns of today or soft, nostalgic designs of yesteryear. Visit your favorite needlecraft shop today, and let Columbia-Minerva Feltpoint kits light your fire. 1974

I love these Columbia-Minerva Ads!!!

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