Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Question for you Sock Knitters...

These cardigans from a 1940s pattern book use the heel of a standard sock pattern to shape the top of their sleeves.
What a modern idea! It seems to achieve one of vintage knitting's most enigmatic hallmarks in a fairly straight forward manner.
The peaked puff of 30s-40s jumpers is something I have trouble with. That peak, or angle is what makes the generous sleeve head different than the girly puff ball puff sleeves of the 1950s.
I struggled with the setting of a ribbed 40s sleeve when I finished my 'Deco Sweater' some months ago (I haven't taken a nice enough photo to post it yet.) It was hard to make uniform pleats in the sleeve head and to make the puff architectural looking. Then to do it again on the other sleeve?

I'm not a sock knitter, but it's not out of a fear of turning the heel, so I think I could manage this technique. (Truly, I don't knit socks because I don't like wearing socks. Stockings are a different matter...)
My question for sock enthusiasts is if there is a particular heel that would make a pronounced peak? One that would really protrude out from the shoulder (or ankle).


Linnifred said...

I would say take a look at the various "flap" types. They always looked sharper to me. I think a short row heel would be too round to give you the lines you are looking for.

morgan said...

Thank you!
You should post photos of your apt.
I want to see the kitschgoth crochet

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