Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Faithful readers may remember my 'cephalopod period' of late 2005. It seems to have reared it's squishy head in the guise of my latest gauge-swapping lace adventure.

Using Fiddlesticks Zepher Lace Merino Coral (commonly refered to at the store as bubblegum pink) I'm enlarging "Sybelle" from Gloria Penning's Danish Lace Treasures (It's unclear if this is one of the amazing Anna Marie Jensen's doily motifs or not). Heirloom Lace has made these works available and all are prime candidates for this kind of treatment.
My inspiration for making the gauge jump this time comes from a fabu pink vinyl tablecoth I found through channel 4, and from Rebecca Taylor's s/s '07 Lace Trench Coat. Burberry is selling an Antique Lace Coat but the vinyl coated Trench is brilliant. Wait til it shows up in Giant Tiger.

I fear I may have only sized the doily up to a tablecloth (vs. shawl or parasol) but no worries-I will just have to try harder to live a la Cath Kidston (a lofty goal for a hobbit like myself)

Pink Lace Vinyl, £27.50
Cloth/Top Linens-Cath Kidston
R.Taylor Trench $550 at Neiman Marcus

Soundtrack: "I Wanna Play House With You", Eddy Arnold
ps looking for tips on circular blocking (since drafting this post the shawl is almost done)

1 comment:

Steph said...

In my other life, I dissected something that looked distinctly like your cephaloshawl.

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