Friday, April 06, 2007

I've reached the feather and fan section of Eugen Beugler's Feather and Fan Shawl and it seems neverending. The shawl is for Granny
but as this last step drags out I've decided to surprise her with it when it's blocked and finished lest I procrastinate further.
I expected it to be quite straight forward from here on in but I'd forgotten how different Feather and Fan and Old Shale patterns can be. In fact, there are as many variations as there are knitting families in Shetland. Most are relatively easy. This one is a trifle bizodo.

Main concerns are taken care of though; the beautiful floral centre, and wedding ring shawl status (well, that it will pull through one, it is not a traditional unst style shawl). I may cut out about 50 rows and jump directly to the (rather Islandic looking!) edging. Here's hoping it happens sometime between Easter and Mother's Day.

Soundtrack: "Good Friday", The Black Crowes

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Steph said...

Wow. that's all I can say - just wow.

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