Monday, April 30, 2007

A quick update post.
I have been working on Danish Lace and on some new translations.
Although Penning's "Oline" came with a difficulty warning label, I cheerfuly cast on in Montreal and would be done were it not for (what I think are) some glaring mistakes in the last 50 rows. They arent present in these photos so don't be too critical! These shots show how the finished item becomes oblong.

The lace is first knit circularly (on 4 dpns) then the east and west sides are knit and turned back and forth to create points which end in seven stitches.
Next the stitches are transfered to a circular needle and previous yarn overs are picked up along the sides of the two points while the north and south sides are picked up and knit from the remaining dpns. The piece can now be worked circularly again with the ovaloid core established.

Of course from this point in is an exersise in blind faith (for me at any rate) because unless you can use increasingly larger circulars (which I don't have to hand) and with the anti circular nature of this rounded shawl thinger, it's imposible to tell quite how big the lace is becoming and at what rate it's getting there. The charm of carying along a mysterious bulbous chrysalid attached to your needles is not lost on me, but I am not quite mature enough yet to trust that I'm going to like what I end up with.
Also started a cornflower-y shawl in misti which i've made a right mess of. It is so stringy looking I'm going to call it Spanish or maybe Greek instead of northern. Here you can make out the leaves in each corner-the cornflowers are made with ribbed buds. May be what threw me off.

Soundtrack:"J'Aurais Toujours Faim De Toi", The Police


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Morgan, are you related to the shoemaking elves from Grimm? This would explain a lot.

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