Monday, November 13, 2006

A pretty Collar in miniature for no good reason at all. I'm still exploring wearables based on doily techniques. This is based on a pattern c.1958, crocheted in dk weight.

I make no promises, but for now I seem to have traded in a little of my oft ridiculed "Bordello" Tastes for "Bargello". Oooh baby, I can't get enough of it and canvas work doesn't sound as dirty as it did before. As you may have noticed, I will always back the underdog when it comes to crafts, and really,to all things Women's Work and I'm sure this is indicative of some disorder or another but I'm not much bothered.
I haven't started a bargello project yet, but I've quite decided I'm going to find it really satisfying from a mathematical standpoint. I'm also really taken by freeform bargello as discussed on favorite blog haunt Seamsters. I think I will start with Flame, Pomegranate and Ribbon patterns. I will save "Four Way" til I'm feeling more adventurous.


Soundtrack: "Cathouse Blues", Stevie Nicks


Anonymous said...

Oh, love bargello! (I didn't know that is what it was called - I've seen those types of pillows...)

Cute collar! It would look adorable over a little angora sweater and a pencil skirt.

I wish I could find depression era style heels (the kind with the t-strap).

Anonymous said...

Morgan, I think Moe is reliving that inner sexy librarian fantasy thing again!

Steph said...

My great aunt has a few of those Bargello pillows floating around at her house! I had no idea what they were called.

And yeah, Moe is still looking for Sexy Librarian Day-Into-Night wear.

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