Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I started this jacket (in mystery acrylic-based deplyed yarn from value village) trying to copy a marc jacobs sweater I bought on clearance. Buttoned at the neck and then at the waist it had an S-curve blouson shilloette which I thought I could duplicate using short rows. Maybe I could have, had I not run out of the irreplaceable mystery yarn. I think I’ll have to start it over in cascade 220 and I should have known better all along. I’ve only got the sleeves left to do so it’s all a little heartbreaking.

Is it a surprise though, that the self-cinching waist (couched in a slip-stitch pattern from Barbara Walker’s II) looks more than a bit like a bargello pommegranate pattern? As scattered as I think I probably appear (tottering and teetering around town dropping things and getting driven into at spring garden and barrington -which left me swearing like a north of 7er right outside my beloved st. mary’s basillica*) all of my projects are pretty streamlined and everything I pick out to work on and to work with seems to go together. (even my groceries-mmm I wait all year for pommegranate season.)
I wonder why more people arent combining various fibre and fine art techniques. The trend towards ‘embellishment’ -which I think has really been pushed along by scrapbooking, but had it’s start in artisan books- has only poked into textiles a little bit, and rarely through handhewn craft. It’s been explored in some of the mainstream knitting magazines but not by any noteable designers which I think is a shame. It’s only natural that after this resergance of craft and knitting in particular that the craft should evolve (like quilting did, and embroidery is trying to do) and it seems obvious to me that the interdiciplinary trend is what fibre arts needs to avoid going back out of style in a few years. Sigh, if only macrame had pushed past plant holders. (felted bags, funfur scarves and illshaped ponchos I’m talking to you)

*I’m fine btw. It just left me wondering if the universe (in the form of a minivan) was trying to give me a nudge in the right direction. Surely I’m not missing something staring me in the face? Same goes for my recent hobby of burning myself on the stove. Maybe I just need supervision. Maybe all this Florentine needlework is getting to me and I need a patron-like Lindsey Buckingham. Did you see him on the late show? No. Of course you didn’t.
ps I have a soft spot for macrame plant holders as you may well imagine.


Anonymous said...

Good grief - that is tragic about the yarn...and the brush with death in the form of a caravan. Relieved that you are ok. Perhaps you need a personal assistant or a guide dog of sorts.

I've been thinking about embellishment lately too...specifically crewel/embroidery on felted items. Or mixing squares of crewel into a quilt or as appliques. Something for the new year perhaps.

Macrame totally did not get its due.

Sylvana said...

have you read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

morgan said...

yes, sylvana-that's what those two embroidered watercolours are based on. I'm doing a series of clasic children's illustrations replicated, then applied to fibrearts (usually through surface embellishment). kudos for recognizing the little prince reference-it's one of my favorite stories.

Steph said...

I am convinced that mini-vans and the people who drive them are the scourge of the 21st century.

Hubby did lots of macrame during its time. I believe we even have one of his macrame plant holders at the house.

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