Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It must be time to start Holiday Knitting if my christmas cactus is blooming. It must be a cactus if it is the only happy plant in my house...and it pretty much is.

Take a look at my pitiful no name mystery plant. It used to be lush and full and beautiful. I put it in a window-right in a window and now it is slipping away into a mess of brown crinkly leaves of death. It is so sad and I don't know what to do for it. I have moved it to a *slightly* sunnier window but they are few and far between at my house. My house is more of a lair really. Any tips on bringing it back to life?? Please? It looks even worse now:(

It is so gloomy here now that the days are shorter that a rain cloud has taken up permanent residence in my jade plant.

Don't worry-it's rain drops are just picot ribbon.

Soundrack: "Fidelity", Regina Spector

PS: I ended up being Little Bo Peep and was interviewed for the illustrious Live at 5


Alison said...

I have that mystery plant too! Tons and tons of it. It did really well in my office at work out at Tantallon, where it got lots of direct light. But it wasn't close enough to the window to get cold!

Sylvana said...

Where i come from that's the dollar plant (i don't know the scientific name).
We keep them in a place with direct light but as alison said not closer to windows.

Auntie Amanda said...
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Auntie Amanda said...

Your plant looks like swedish ivy to me. Here is a link that will tell ya all about it (hope it works!) Swedish Ivy

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