Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bad blogger! Bad blogger! I feel really bad about my blogging lull but I hope the following will make up for it!

I noticed this idea on Crochet Pattern Central the other day and made my own version during my first Crochet Workshop (which went really well!) using my ubiquitous flower pattern. Bandless Ear Muffs! Genius! There's a loop at the back that fits snug around your ear. I'm in love.

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So I'm at SnB and get to laughing, ha ha, and get the best. idea. ever. I give you...Crocheted Elf Ears!

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The pattern is still inchoate but at least I can cross off 'skin graft onto ears' from my xmas list (j/k!)

In the meantime, I think I've finished the raglan cardi. I know I should have a photo of the front, but I couldn't manage one on my own that was flattering enough to be posted.

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Soundtrack: "One Way Ticket" The Darkness, "Do You Want To?" Franz Ferdinand


Brenda said...

omigosh! Your raglan cardi is gorgeous. What yarn is that?

morgan said...

thanks! the yarn is fleece artist (2 kinds)

Ninja Knitter said...

Wow, I *love* the earwarmers. I'm gonna beg you to show me how they're made...I think I need a pair of those for myself. I'll buy the first oatcake at SnB. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi. your stuff is great.
as a former nscad-ite, i really miss the textile christmas show and sale, it was my favourite of all the end of term festivities. don't stress too much, you clearly have a passion for all of your work and it really shows. slow down and savour the little things... before you know it you are finished up at school and will start to miss the funny graffiti, drafty windows and all of the little things that were present. merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

those are the cutest little elf-ears! It probably doesn't hurt that you have an ethereal fairy/wood-nymph air about you either.

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