Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's getting to be that time again; packing for the train back to Kingston, eating up everything that could go bad, freaking out over xmas presents, doing copious amounts of laundry, trying to get the tangled mats out of my hair, drinking egg nog for dinner....and celebrating Granny's birthday! Granny's 89 this year and although she asked for nothing but codeine and chocolate, she was very happy with all her prezies (especialy the ones that gave her a chance to pose). Here she is proving once again that she and Mrs Slocombe (of Are You Being Served fame) have more than a little in common.

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In christmas crocheting crunch time I'm trying to turn out patterns for The Loop to sell.

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The thing is, I need photos to include with the patterns that don't look like snapshots I took for the blog, and also don't look like I took them in my bathroom (I still need to buy windex), and oh yeah, that don't make me look completely egotistical (cause they're all of me so far). hmmmmmm...SnB ladies...want to be models?

Btw, here's what I want for christmas:

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Soundtrack: "Words You Throw Away", The Black Crowes


Lynne said...

Your granny is so amazing!

AND, what the heck is wrong with eggnog for dinner, I mean 'tis the season!


Anonymous said...

Did you add rum to it? Then its dinner.

You put Granny on the internets! She's great - I totally agree that she could be a stand-in for Ms Slocombe. Congrats on the pattern venture...(however, I will not be modeling due to my inherent shyness and shocking unphotogenicity)

Steph said...

Morgan! I know SLR is totally uncool these days, but I do have a good camera... and if you wanted to, we could do an outdoor photoshoot some weekend with willing models... I don't think it's going to happen between now and when you head home for the holidays, though!

Ninja Knitter said...

Can I volunteer the services of Mr. Munchkin? I, myself, do not photograph well. I always manage to blink or look like I'm possessed by 3 demons simultaneously. (It's a gift.)

Michelle said...

Your Granny could pass for Mrs. Slocombe!

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