Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fibre Adventures! I'm taking a class in Fibre Manipulation and our last class was about water soluble fabrics and plastics and the crazy things you can do with them. I made a sandwich with mine and filled it with lace and roving and tulle and then stitched the hell out of it with a free-form embroidery foot. Here's what it looked like:

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Our homework was to disolve the fabric and we're to bring our results to class tomorrow. I took mine over to Granny's where my Aunt and Cousin and I all got stuck in disolving the fabric which turned into sticky snot. Here's Granny having a go:

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It's turned out beautiful and lacy (but it's still got the snotty stuff on it-I need to disolve a bit more) and I want to do more!

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I've also been working on a custom raglan cardi

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It's worked up really quickly in Fleece Artist Boucle and Slub...not sure where it's going to go from here though. I've worked on it some more and had lot's of great advice from the ladies at the loop and at SnB so we'll see!
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Soundtrack: "United States of Whatever", Liam Lynch


Ninja Knitter said...

Oh, that cardi is such a pretty colour! Where can I get such gorgous Fleece Artist in this town, I ask you...btw, congratulations on teaching at the Loop! Yet one more reason for me to pop in there and visit the place. The fact that there's yarn for sale there is totally beside the point. Really. No, really. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ninja, LK yarns in the hydrostone (my 'hood) carries the fleece artist line, and some handmaiden too.

sarah said...

is it a custom cardi for yourself or do you mean that you're making it for someone else? can I order one? I love all your work! I think it's very "pomo boho".
-sarah from school

Anonymous said...

you can try disolving your fabric or you could leave it as is; it'll just be stiffer-like if you'd starched it. it depends on what you want to make with it, I guess.

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