Friday, November 18, 2005

So official news: I'm going to be giving crochet workshops at the new Halifax knit cafe 'The Loop'. OMG!!! I am so excited! If you're local be sure to stop by and see the shop. It's still being set up and product is still being unpacked but the space is amazing and there's lots to check out. (It may even feature the past Guinness World Record holder for 'World's longest knitted scarf'. I am of course all for anything Guinness. lol. I'll post a link to the store's website again, once it's up and running. Stay tuned!

In the mean time I have loads of WIPS.
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This subfusc photo shows my attempt at the errata-filled Saxon Braid from "Knitting on the Edge". It should turn into the cuffs and collar for a jacket. The next photo is a neckwarmer in Noro based on an antique lace pattern (I used the same for some gauntlets a while ago.)
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I'm also trying to finish up my version on R2's "Drawn on and Dinky", but it's not going too well. Any tips on machine sewing onto loose knitting????
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Thats it for now, I bought some beautiful Baby Alpaca from The Loop which is waiting to become a capelet.

Soundtrack: "Honey Hi", "Take the Skinheads Bowling", Camper Van Beethoven


Sarah said...

Machine sewing on a loose knit? Ouch.

Maybe you can knit up a swatch in the same stitch pattern to test out the tension on the machine before committing? Might be less painful than the real thing for the test drive...

Janey said...

Where oh where in HRM is The Loop?
Or, where is it going GOING to be?

I could pretend to be a local several days a month.

Congrats on the job,

evelyn said...

Your saxon braid is looking beautiful so far, so I'm sure youv'e figured this out, but you can find the errata on the vogue knitting website.

Lindsay said...

I know your love of all things guinness lol! you'll do a great job.

Anonymous said...

Lacy Capelet
By Morgan Forrester

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate


HOOK SIZE: Q, 15mm

LUXURY YARN: 1 skein Louet Sales Mohair

BUDGET YARN: 1 skein Red Heart Symphony

GAUGE: 3scs = 4”


1. ch 42, ch 3, turn
2. dc in 2nd stitch, *ch 1, dc* repeat to end, dc in last, ch1
3. sc in each, increasing 5 evenly, ch4
4. tc in first sc, *skip 2, 3tc in next sc*. rep * to * to end. dc in last ch st.
5. sc in first st, *1sc in space, sc in next two stitches*. rep * to *. ch 4.
6-9 repeat rows 4 & 5 twice.
10. 2dc in first st, *skip 2, 3dc in next stitch* to end. sc 1 in last.

Thread ribbon through row 2 eyelets or attach ties:
Attach yarn at upper (row 1) corner and chain to 30”. To end tie, ch 3, 3dc into 4th stitch, or make pom pom.

Questions, Comments? Visit the Pomoboho Designs Blog at
©2005 Pomoboho Designs, Halifax, Canada

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