Friday, September 23, 2005

I can post photos! On to FOs: I'm trying to get around to blocking these gauntlets.Image hosted by
The lace is based on a c.1870 Canadian needlework book called "Handywork". I updated the pattern on my own (so that it could be called an 'original' pattern) feeling v.clever before noticing that Nikki Epstein has almost the same pattern in On the Edge. Oh well.
Here's a blue mohair shrug with kimono sleaves:
Image hosted by

and a crap photo of a mohair minisweater I made for $3(!)

Image hosted by
This is more weaving:

Image hosted by

I didn't have time to finish before the end of the course so I think I'll encorporate into something else-build a garment around it. Now I'm taking a course in Book Arts. We bound a book in my first class which is so exciting to me and my only concern is that I will abandon knitting and become obsessed with altered books. It's like scrapbooking for the pretentious. (moi). More photos soon.

Soundtrack:"Time Will Tell", Black Crowes

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