Monday, September 05, 2005

Things with me are crazy. I'm at my Mum's for a few days which means I've got access to
Picassa (which I love) and a faster computer so I thought I'd have a chance to get a ton of
blogging done. Not so much. The usb ports refuse to detect any devices including card readers meaning the two brand new ones we bought as we thought the devices were the issue. Then the usb problem slowed down the whole system so I couldn't even get online let alone blog w/ lots of pictures.
Anyway im v.frustrated and sorry that I havn't been able to blog etc. Knitting wise I'm working
fevorously on several original patterns with deadlines looming and also getting some charity
knitting done as the preemie charity I donate to is based here in Kingston. I'd love to send
them really funky hats and things but the hospital wont accept anything too wild and sexy :(
I've taken loverly photos of all of this...grrr I wish I could upload them!!In the mean time
check out this action shot of my Granny crocheting!

I tricked her...we're in the back of the
car heading off to Jeddore for a supper with my Mum and Aunt where we met the oldest lobster
ever (well maybe not). His name is Crusty; he was 15lbs and 75yrs old!! Some American ordered him for supper but then chickened out. A few days later he was on the cover of the paper...
so many people had protested that they put him back in the ocean. If I had known he'd be a
celebrity I would have made him wear a hat! Damn it turns out I don't have a photo of him
...someone get me a card reader. He was a mofo pomoboho lobster.

Isn't Granny crazy in this picture lol? Anyway, Granny and I did manage an *ahem* 'freeform' crocheted brooch on the way there.
Granny tought me to knit and to crochet when I was about 7(?) or maybe I should say that
I started paying attention when I was 7. I'd loove to make her something for xmas. Any ideas??
Novelty items are a must. Granny's a riot. She's just as funny when she makes sence as when she doesnt and she has really juicy stories and dated a lot of gentlemen...Dicky Duckum and Gary Balls.
I kid you not!!!! I should knit her some gary balls!lol. Unfortunatly my latest
foray into felting was a bit of a debacle...not only did it get v.v.hairy (I had to shave it)
but I attached the strap (not saying what the FO is) with a twist in it. Before I felted.
Reeeaaally securely. Crap. I will post the photostory when I can. It's all going wrong,
but I'll just keep knitting. That is my new motto.

Soundtrack: "Coeur de Parisienne" Rufus Wainwright, "The Silky Veils of Ardor" Joni Mitchell Posted by Picasa

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nush said...

Aww! Your granny looks so cute! :) Maybe make her the knitted pie? (It's on Craftster, I forget the link.)

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