Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is everyone watching Martha? It is my new favorite show (and not just because her last guest was Susan Lucci, my personal hero since age 5, who came on the show to learn how to pot plants. Poor thing, LaKane was too short to use such a big urn.) You should see it if you havn't. Tuesday was poncho day and it was as ridiculous as it was touching. Lily Chin was on and crocheted a poncho for Paw Paw the dog before the show was through. (Turns out her secret is that she lubes up her hooks. I hadn't read that.) Everyone was very funny and very sweet and it was nice to watch something crochet-proud. I just feel really bad because these ponchos are truly the ugliest things I have ever seen. Martha's own isn't too bad. But people: the woman who made it was in prison. She didnt have access to lovely yarns and fibres. She did a fantastic job w/ what she had. So why do you keep making these puke coloured acrylic monstrosities?? David Spade looked cute in his though:

In other news, some of you may know that I'm a huge fan of teen vogue (I even lied about my age so I could become a teenvogueitgirl.) and I am SO excited because the new issue should be out today and has the first ever solo interview with Frances Bean Cobain!

I think the Bean is gorgeous and a hilarious mix of her parents. I would knit her a whole wordrobe. I also think knitting would help Courtney out. :) In other magazine news, I went to IK's website to look at the new Interweave Crochet Magazine to see if it was worth buying (something I never do). I
am so glad I did! I was so disapointed!

Now I'm woried knitscene wont live up to my expectations either. I so want it you be good, and better than knit1. IK is really weird though.

Thats it, still no card reader, oh, and I updated my inspirations blog.

Soundtrack:"Bucky Done Gun","Hombre", M.I.A.
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