Thursday, March 31, 2005

A bevy of Finished Objects for your delectation, Gentle Readers....Yesterday I finished of a TON of UFOs. Here's the shortlist:
The Minisweater Redux all laced up.

The Mini Hoodie, front and

Back. This was inspired by R2 with the crazy big holes you can just make out. When I first used this skein I knit up a simple scarf thinking it would show off the yarn, but it just looked like a shaved poodle. It was named Poor Fifi. I still like the name :) ooops, just noticed in the foto that I didn't take out the stitchmarker lol

Here I am on tippytoes trying to look like I have long legs when really, you should be checking out the shrug I mentioned a few weeks ago w/o a name, worked up in Bernat Cashé. I assure you I do have two feet. (arrr! captain morgan has only one.mmm....captain morgan)

Keep with me now....b/c this is the coolest: so I was making Twinkle's 'cabled shrug' from VKwinter04 and then I changed the yarns, length, cuffs, collar and um orientation (I have it on backwards) and this is the most beautiful knit ever. It doesn't come across in the photo but it's a jumbo cable over 30sts. I used Homespun in Corsican and dare I say it....phentex black for the cuffs....I wasn't at home and got the idea for black cuffs. I will redo them.

But the real star is the Drop Stitch detailing! Look at the amazing curves of the cable b/c of it! Wow. Now I want to dropstitch everything.
Well, I head off on the train today, so I'm feeling v.virtuous about all this posting! (maybe there will be lots of comments when I get home? *hint hint*lol I'm so needy)

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christine said...

Morgan, I am about to use potty mouth, cover your ears, you are sooo fucking incredible!!! I am soooo jealous, you are amazing! You really grasp the art of fibers and are so talented and I'm ranting, but seriously, you NEED to submit these babies! INTERWEAVE would FLIP!

christine said...

Once again, your knitting is amazing!!
I forgot to reply about the photos and space on blogspirit..
Are you re-sizing them for a web page? You could try compressing the photo's (if you don't have a program to do that with, you can try a free one like picassa, or open a free account and have them hosted at photobucket) I think you ran out of space because you have them in the sidebars, if you put them up as posts I think that doesn't "count" as space. There is a way to link to your own posts too, so catergorizing them would still be easy. You'd be linking to your own posts.I don't know how to do that though, I JUST figured out how to put buttons up!

Atouria said...

I agree with Christine! You rock, girl! I really love the min hoodie and the redesigned cabled shrug! The maroon color looks gorgeous on you. You really know how to knit a style that seems to fit you so well. I wish I had the ingenuity to design my own things or alter a pattern enough to make it my own the way that you do.

Thanks so much for the compliments on my sweater. Although, it isnt worthy, I'll accept them because it's my first sweater and I'm betting I'll drastically improve. :)

I hope you have a great trip! I'm heading out of state this weekend for some much needed SEX. I think the LYS will be able to satisfy my needs. I've called ahead and they have all kinds of things to turn me on. ;)

Tere said...

Wow, Morgan, Christine is right--you kick some serious deriere (sp?). Thats great that you finish so many projects, and they're all so original. I know what you mean about not being able to afford Rowan mags (and I checked out that website a while back and love their clothes too) so if you can make patterns yourself, based on what you see, I admire you :)

uglyagnes said...

Hey cute blog and stuff.. also great job on the uglyagnes hat ;)

I actually deleted the pattern i had typed up.. so sad!

Kate said...

Awesome blog! I love your sense of style and originality... all these projects are so creative. I look forward to visiting again.

Pam [snowwhitesuicide] said...

Damn you and your beautiful projects!! I love the mini-hoodie!! I'm so linking this blog!

Lauren said...

I am late to the party, but I have to tell you, Morgan, your knits are so AWESOME! I love your style and vision. Great great work :)


shelby hallam said...

morgan i really like this picture i love the red and green and blue its awesome!

ana voog said...


what a a drop stitch?

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