Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween Window: Window Wide Web

 Is it a spiders web made of yarn? Perhaps, like many other passersby and neighbouring businesses, you think that my last minute nod to Halloween in The Loop's display space looks like a giant crack in our window?
When I began the window yarn web at the end of the day, it looked very spidery.  Many Barrington Street shoppers stopped to watch me construct it, and a few people throwing Halloween parties took photos (like these) and came in to ask me about it.  At some point it began to look less webby.  I admit that when I went outside to check the web, I myself thought it looked like broken glass.  I thought it looked neat anyways though, and finished the web/crack off.  Chives chefs walking passed weren't sure, but I had locked up by this point and left the window as-was.
 I thought that I would revisit the idea of yarn posing as broken glass later.  Perhaps do a window with knitted graffiti, faux yarn bombings, and other wooly urbanisms. Now however, after many reports of distressed neighbours and calls and emails from concerned customers who thought we had been vandalized... I will abandon the idea.  Window space on a high street is a powerful thing!  I apologize to our worried customers and friends!


Amanda said...

Morgan, I thought it was a broken window for a milli-second, and then I saw that it was a spider's web!
I want to try making one in my window at home for Halloween next year. If I come in some Sunday can you show me how to make it?
It's Amanda from the class

Morgan said...

Sure thing Amanda!

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