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Canadian Trends in Wartime Knitting


[Lux Knitting Annual 1942. 
Photo courtesy of your friend, the internet.]

In knitting too, it's a very different war. The last one was mostly a matter of socks but in this one, not even styles stay static nor are garments standardized.
Looking over the new 1942 edition of a knitting annual which is a Canadian best-seller in the field, the Lux Knitting Book, a veteran knitter whose needles have served in both emergencies, pointed out how amazing the contrast is. Methods have altered little but almost everything else has.
She leafed through the book which came off the press only this week, to show what a story the knitting changes tell. Here, for instance, are instructions for knitting sweaters for "women in the services," which would have been somewhat startling even a gear ago. There are garments for evacuees, bomb victims and shelter wear.
Knitting needs for the fighting services tend to be as specialized and varied as the services themselves. That's the trend at least. There's an air force sleeveless turtleneck, for example, and a boatneck pullover for the navy. Full instructions are given for more than a score of service items including a series of knitted accessories which are in constant demand but often overlooked.
For that matter, the contrasts are by no means restricted to active service circles. With the sweater doing so well in fashion's popularity polls, these new up-to-the-minute patterns must be given a share of the credit. And there are suggestions too for smart but practical, easily made gifts. The knitting stylists have done a job this season for the whole family.

-The Montreal Gazette, Nov.8. 1941
Click here, to see an interesting excerpt from this book which I posted last year.

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Stephanie said...

I wish they had asked the 'veteran knitter' more about her own opinions, and about more 'knitterly' differences. Thanks for posting!

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