Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Aquitaine

Through with languishing on my sweater shelf, this finished object is finally out of the closet.
What started out as a Bavarian dirndl type thing, ended up much more medieval due to a knitting sabbatical in Upper Canada. When I returned to Nova Scotia (late last year) I was immersed in the immense biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine and was centering my day around the cartoon Jane and the Dragon. Throw in a new passion for Barbra Walker's mosaic/slip stitch patterns and it's no wonder that my sweater took a distinct turn towards Lady Armour. Details:
Needles -3.25mm addi
Yarn -Cascade 220 and Twilley's Freedom Spirit
Ref -Barbara Walker treasuries 1-3
Knitting in the Old Way

All hail the misunderstood bobble.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like veri much this design.
All the detail and different directions that you went through to get to this beautiful item.
Have a great week.
I don't leave comments very often but i come to visit every day.


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