Thursday, May 29, 2008

Twin-Pins, or Waiting on a Factory Girl

Abel Morrall's circular knitting needles, "Twin-Pins" are forerunners to Aero needles. Abel Morrall opened its doors in 1785, one of many needle companies in Redditch, England "the needle capital of the universe". These Twin Pins below date from WWII, early on in the British effort. The cable is metal and fairly rigid, though this may be due to age. I have constructed (as always) a romantic story about factory girls doing their part making spit fire parts, and land girls recycling metal, all knitting for the troops while learning new skills and crafts. WWII saw a renaissance for British knitting and I'd like to think it was a cunning lady who created these early metal circs.
The question is; will vintage needles aid in knitting vintage patterns? I shall have to let you know.

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