Monday, March 24, 2008

Swatch Notebook #3

Traditional Latvian Mitten pattern from Lizbeth Upitis' "Latviesu Cimdi (Latvian Mittens)"
Lanette Sock Yarn
Knit Circularly
19 sts/2"

-I had trouble understanding the Cuff Braid ("Pines raksts valnitim") but got it by the end of the swatch. It is a bit tedious, but v.unique and well worth the effort.


Cali said...

Hi, just thought I should leave a note as I have been oggling your blog for a while now. (I found your blog through the KOL.)

I have to say you are amazing! Fiber skill envy! I specifically like this swatch. (oh and I can't believe that this is just a swatch!) This is a really beautiful pattern. Simple with not many colours but really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan
I don't comment very often, but visit you page everyday.
I love this swatch.

morgan said...

Cheers-I'm just sorry I can't post more often!

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