Sunday, March 16, 2008

Growing up Daisy

Using the Bloom Loom to create Tenerife Lace:
(I made this up and have not tried it yet)
Fill loom's radii before looping the entire diameter of the loom (use a finer gauge thread than usually called for-my examples of normal Blooms are dk.)
At the last stage of the Daisy stitch loops together and weave through/group together what would have been petals to create new patterns. Use an extra long tail, and stitch the centre as you would a spider stitch in Crewel work. The solid colour work in these examples could be created with simple weaving.
It might also be an idea to use the bloom loom (or daisy maker) to make the ground-if it were removed from the loom and then pinned out as lace typically is, any number of needlelace techniques could be applied (?)

Tenerife diagrams and photos taken from Dillmont's,Bibliothèque DMC La Dentelle Ténériffe[c.1895],
Available in pdf form here

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