Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's Sunday morning, and Blogger is letting me post again. Mid-corrie and all. Blogger hasn't let me log in since V-day, which is a shame as I had some thankyous to post! I also had the workshop blogs to update. A note to my students and muffins, class notes shall be up later today. Remember to comment and let me know how you're getting on.

Watching Coronation Street just now, I'm realizing that I may have found my next series of crocheted dollies: I shall do Vera and Fred first. Dev and Fizz soon after. Of course it would be fun to have Baldwin vs. Barlow action figures. Then I shall turn my hand to my American Stories. What the world clearly needs is a crocheted Erica Kane and assorted husbands. (hee hee with two adams, travis, and dimitris for double marriages).

Every Sunday morning I like to pretend I live on the street. If I did I'd spend everyday in Roy's Rolls or the Rovers, work at Underworld, (I feel like I do already, but it would be nice to have Danny to make the occasional knicker snicker) and Rita would be my best mate.

I've already crocheted my Saturday Morning. Here's Yam Roll!

ooops almost forgot:
Soundtrack: My kick@ss Lindsey Buckingham station on Pandora.


meegiemoo said...

Love, love, love the yam roll!

FrozenExtremities said...

I used to love watching Corrie as a kid. I wanted to be a regular at the Rovers when I grew up.
How cute is that yam roll???

Anonymous said...

If you like Coronation Street you might just like

jkleclerc said...

Love the Yam roll. Are some of his friends on the way in crochet form as well?

We missed you last week at KOL where we got in trouble for moving chairs.

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