Saturday, December 30, 2006

My first attempt at Filet Crochet, inspired by the squirrels around the Kingston house.

It was worked in Size 10 Crochet Cotton with a 1.5mm hook. I wish the gauge were a little tighter but I may let the piece soak before blocking-it's 100% cotton so maybe it will shrink to a more opaque finish. Either way I'm really pleased. I used a chart originally published in The Antonie Ehrlich Crochet Book, c.1915. It has been made available here by Sandi Marshall. Next I'm going to tackle a bunny and an elephant from 1911-as you do.

Filet Crochet hasn't caught the eye of new crocheters quite yet and it doesn't have much of an online presence outside of Vintage Clothing sites. has a good article on the basics in addition to external links. Click here for some great instructions on increases and decreases in filet crochet. This site also has a great selection of vintage patterns.

I'd like to say hi to a couple of new and very important readers of the blog. Happy Hogmany Lindsay, and to the entire family. It's been so wonderful to hear from you. I owe everyone big, long letters. You can read about Lindsay McCrea's work and about his gallery here. Secondly, a very happy holiday to a dedicated reader somewhere in Halifax. Thanks for all the googlings and hits-wish i had more than a hopeful guess of who you are. Hope all will be revealed in the new year!

Soundtrack: "She Loves Him Still", Stevie Nicks


Anonymous said...

Hey Merlin, er, Morgan! I totally (heart) squirrels and your crochet is very sweet. Could you bring me a squirrel home from Ontario?

purejuice said...

hi, i was googling for Vegan Coonskin Cap and your wonderful blog turned up.
it's my ambition to learn filet crochet this year, so as to make the baby chick lace which i think is featured in the same 1915 handbook.
first i have to learn to crochet.
wonderful to see you at this!

morgan said...

cheers purejuice,
the coonskin model is jeremy fisher
Once you have a consistant crochet tension and are comfy with a very small gauge, filet crochet is easy.
good luck!

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