Friday, December 15, 2006

Fiddlesticks' "Garden Shawl" +Inca Gold "Baby Silk Cashmere"=

The beginnings of a lace Top Down Raglan. It knit up fairly quickly and I didn't have to re-work the shawl charts much to make them work as a sweater -until I hit the fern lace about 1/2 way down. Now I'm having to alter not only for purl rows (the shawl is worked circularly and I'm keeping my piece an open jacket) but also for alignment. I'm not complaining though-in fact I'm sort of delighted.
More photos to follow. Thank you to Jennifer (whose name rhymes so wonderfully with Eleanor Rigby that I can barely stand it) for letting me know that problems persist on the blog. She advises that it may depend on the browser you're using to visit my site, but as it looks perfect to me (or at least looks how i had intended) I'm not sure. Please leave a comment if you're having trouble too, or if you have any suggestions. I've been trying to post from different browsers, but as I'm home for the holidays I don't have access to many computers. ps Kingston is a hole now.

Soundtrack: "All in Good Time" Ron Sexsmith,


Anonymous said...

Very impressive. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I adore the BSC. Even if working with it makes me wail. I can't wait to see that in person. It must be amazingly soft!

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