Monday, July 04, 2005

Image hosted by Recent FO. Please excuse naughty Judy's nipples.

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day (me, I stayed in bed) and that american knitters are having a good 4th.

news news news. I am done the main part of my possible submission top (which I know means nothing b/c I havn't been blogging about it, but please be happy for me anyway). It is stinking hot here in Halifax and it's about to get worse; I'm flying back to ontario on thursday. I HATE all this heat! I went out to pick up magazines yesterday. I was out 15min. max, and now I have heat stroke. I'm worried 'cause I'm supossed to go to the beach tomorrow to be an extra in a Matt Mays video. (too funny on it's own-I'm not even sure how I got on the list) I think I will die in the sun. Would it be too pretentious to take a 'brolly? I left my parasol in Kingston. I will be the extra in a burqa.

Which takes me not so smoothly back to the magazines....have you guys discovered 'Selvedge' yet????

Image hosted by

I mean have you got over the whopping $25 price tag and looked inside???? OMG! Seriously, it's worth it. Let me put it this way; the first ad was from Liberty's and the 2nd Rowan. Even the ads are beautiful and inspirational!!! We seem to be an issue behind here, so do try and find the spring issue if you can.
Image hosted by Is it wrong that this photo gave me an orgasm? So much yarn....must get to one of the NYC or London Knitting events someday. *sigh*

Soundtrack: "Stephanie", Buckingham Nicks

"What I got", Sublime

ps. did everyone think the Barrie Live8 was as weird as I did?


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha .... burqua...ha ha ha. I think a brolly is a fine idea. I unfortunately have a zillion things to do tomorrow (buy some backpacking supplies for cape chignecto - did I mention that Rob and I are backpacking 60km in 4 days next weekend?) and pick up my BIL at the airport. Otherwise, there's nothing I would love to do more than to get all whore'd up for some TV exposure. Seriously that sounds fun (and potentially hysterical). Oh oh oh bring your new mags to SnB. I just bought the new interweaves on the weekend!

Lauren said...

Very pretty new scarf! I love that style. Thanks for the news about the new magazine too. I have not seen that one sold in the States, but it looks great. I will keep my eye out for it :)

Have a good one!


Steph said...

Excuse me? There's a song called "Stephanie" and I haven't heard it?

Can't wait to see the mags. Please, do bring them tomorrow night.

Don't get sand in your burqa.

Tere said...

Hey Morgan,
I'm so sorry I haven't responded to your notes! I've been such a slacker lately, and it seems when I have time off I just don't want to do anything.

Congratulations on your submission; You're doing really great--so many cool projects, and all so original :) Its so neat seeing pictures of the fashion department on your blog too!
I'll have to look out for Selvedge. Is it available at Chapters, or downtown?
Take care,


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