Saturday, July 09, 2005

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You are looking at the making of one **crazy** video...too crazy to get into any details, besides these: 12hours, barn, smoke machine, blackflies, and 50 takes of doing 'the robot'. Matt Mays, you owe me. I will take my payment in Noro. lol.

In other news, I went a-weaving the next morning (photo below), flew to Toronto, flew to Kingston, next morning drove to Ottawa and back and now I'm packing to drive back to Nova Scotia with Mum and the Cat. My project for the 3 day drive (we take our time) is IK's Flower Basket Shawl in Silk Garden. Has anybody else noticed lately that I'm out my tree? I will photograph my progress. I will also tell y'all when to watch for my video debut (but only if I look good in it)

The 'Sampler' part of my weaving project...the begining and end have wacky fibers running through it...mohair, eyelash, ribbon, alpaca, embroidery floss...purples,reds and greys. Should have taken a photo before it all got covered up, but will take many photos when it's off the loom.

Soundtrack: "On The Hood", Matt Mays & El Torpedo, "She's so Cold", Stones Posted by Picasa

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