Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Sweater

Well, jacket.

Since blogging about granny squares and this, my first wearable garment worked from a pattern, I had been searching my closet for my G2 Jacket. The disaster that befell my closet in '06 has been improved upon since this post, but the hanging rod is still bust and it is a scary place to visit. I installed 2 bookshelves along one wall and have been making due with two standing hanging racks, but these are jimmy rigged and can't take much weight. I need to go to CanTire or something and invest in a closet system but it's all quite daunting. Any advice?
I made this out of acrylic-Bernat Super Saver, I think. I remember that I couldn't find a blue that matched the original well enough for my unforgiving teenaged eye for detail, so I used left over yarn from one of Granny's afghans (making it period accurate, no less)
I think this jacket is worth remaking in Cascade 220, but really, I can't imagine finishing it. I can't quite believe that I ever did, let alone at 17.
I was alone, on the edge of it (Seventeen), and apparently crocheting my heart out. It must of drowned me!


Sylvchezplum said...

it's awesome. And I'm amazed you made it all with the same colors and all... The things we do at 17.. ;-)
(mine was a long sleeve sweater.. I'm also still amazed I knit it around the same age. It then took me ages before I worked on a sweater again. I guess I was brave then)

Anyways, seing how you like Grannies and vintage patterns, I was wondering if you had any info on the origins of granny squares. I'm trying to do some research on the subject... :-)


morgan said...

I have no idea where Granny Squares come from...not for sure at any rate. I'm going to look into it and send you any info I find!

I think we should both try to recapture some of our 17year old fearlessness. Starting tomorrow maybe?

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