Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Current reason for not blogging: My Closet Has Given Up.

It was just a question of time, really and it was a good run while it lasted. Still, I'm a little broken hearted and more than a smidgen disgusted at myself. Tim Gunn would question where I was going with this. Santino would think it was too much. Andre could be lost forever in there. No one needs this big a wardrobe. My closet apparently agreed with me.

Here you can see the moment it decided to teach me this hard lesson....but it was when I tried to stuff some of the excess under my bed....and found more clothes that I had already squirreled away that I realized that this was an Cat. Imelda disaster. I don't even leave the house often enough to wear all this. If anyone has tips on culling calico or how to siphon chiffon I am all ears. (Bearing in mind of course that there's double this amount of stuff in another room and that I have no intention of actually getting rid of anything)

Here are two pre-colapse projects as seen from the side for reasons I shall keep to myself (which means I don't remember why).

Soundtrack: "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" , Stevie Nicks
Photos of Pacafiesta to follow, plus updated template and links


FrozenExtremities said...

Rubbermaid bins and lables. And a long weekend ;)
I've been there before and sent many a bag off to the Sally Ann only to think a few weeks later "Where's that top with the sparkles? CRAP!"

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have probably 1/100 th of your wardrobe.

Lisa is on to something - how about clear rubbermaid bins so you can see inside?

Lynne said...

Dear god! That is a lot of clothing!

While I have also done the dreaded purge only to realize I truly DO need 8 long black skirts, sometimes it has to be done.

Also, do not drink and organize. The reasons for this should be obvious. :P

Lesley said...

There is a show on TLC called "Clean Sweep"....Morgan, I think you may need them!
However, you could wear a different outfit everyday for quite a long time...months even without having to do laundry :)

Steph said...

Morgan, my dear, I am the "clean sweep" queen. If you need me, I'll be home next week. I have been known to help cull wardrobes and make my friends "face reality ferheavensakes". (reality being - you can't have more wardrobe than you have closet.)

Anonymous said...

is that a bustier?
-tab from school

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