Sunday, January 06, 2008

In the Olympic Steeking event, I think that Shetland, knitting for the UK would totally take the Norwegian-Scandinavian syndicate.
My current wip employs steeks of every kind, but many have been made redundant. That is to say, that I have changed my mind at every opportunity and that the sweater's shape and style has changed since I planned all of these cuts.

I'd like to think that I'm one of the most patient people I know,but I get bored with my projects easily so I built in some feats of daring do into this one. I had planned for these armhole steeks to be Norwegian, that is to say, I planned on a drop shouldered sweater with narry a waste selvage flappy, just machine sew and cut, and for the sleeves to be knit seperatly (this would also allow me to cack out early and finish it a vest). This still works, but I reserved some stitches in stockinette and gave myself a Scots wound steek which will let me extend the arm holes as long as needed (a wonderful plan b to give yourself if you're working an original pattern and have not decided what's going to happen next or even, as in my case, what section of the sweater you're working on).

These two shots should have a sound effect.
I'm not sad to say goodbye to testing the waters machine sewing the Norse steek. In per.history, the mariage between machine and knit was not a happy one, as evidenced by my attempt at an R2/Leah Sutton top out of Colinette giotto or some such.

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Cathy said...

I don't really know much of what you're talking about, but. Drop by and see us sometime! Especially a Thursday afternoon.

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