Thursday, January 18, 2007

In need of a treat, plans being fubared and trip home much delayed (though by the looks of things on the kol blogs I'm missing yet another hellish halifax storm) I picked up Knitting In The Old Way, by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Deborah Robson (Gibson-Robert's "High Whorling: A Spinners Guide to an Old World Skill" is also an amazing work).
I had never picked this up because in my head I understood it to be a book of aran sweaters, folk socks, and sentimental fisherman things that I don't have the patience to work myself-or rugged fisherman type to delight with. Um, why did I think this? Knitting in the Old Way is very close to the imaginary work I was wishing for earlier- basic construction principles, math galore and the cultural history content that helps someone like me (logical but emotional and neurotic) to understand intellectual concepts. I already feel like I have a good handle on divine proportion (*ahem* not what I mean, Steph et al.) and now I feel quite empowered being able to use the percentage system in a more -humanistic? way.
Image is from's "work safe art" gallery/contest. Brilliant. Click to visit.
That said, I am embarking on a Tyrolean, Bavarian Monstrosity in Cascade 220 and I am so turned on by it I fear I may turn into Vincent Libretti.
I'm working the 220 with 3mm needles-another wip is being worked on 8mm though the yarn is double stranded. still, you get the idea. The tight gauge is not only showing off the myriad cables and bobbles, knots and moss grounds, but it's lending a crisp, neat quality to a fabric that is inherently nutso. Furthering the nutso theme and taking us into the realm of absolute bananaland will be the upper bodice-worked in a self-striping one ply and couched with the 220. Things will have to be quite precise and my calculations just so for this to work out. I think I'm knitting my personality.

Still it's been a good way to spend more than a few days in bed and will serve me well on the 24h train ride. I can't wait to get home to my stash and a reliable network connection. I have so much to catch up on and start anew. In other news, Lord Sebastian Flyte is now my friend on myspace. I am v.proud. ps I have a love/HATE realtaionship with myspace (and this facebooky thing *someone* urged me to join) but you can be my friend there it you like. I would like that.

Oh yes, and pppps, The Loop wasnt on the first episode of Living East but will be on soon. (oops, sorry Moe) You can watch every episode online here at the cbc.. My favorite Handy Girl has a regular spot. Bravo Anne! You are very Ja-la-peno. I am working on cleaning up my mum's 'constipated' basement now, and I owe you $10 which I will drop off when I get dolls want to meet your dolls. hehehehe
Soundtrack: Ginny the Cat is snoring...


Anonymous said...

Hi Morg,

That's ok - I forgot to tape it anyway :)

I *need* to see the sweater you are working on in person!

Anonymous said...

No storm, the weather fears were exaggerated. It was still crappy tho.

I can't wait to see that sweater!

Anonymous said...

Why does my name always come up when minds slip into the gutter? Why? Why?

Ok, so I posted about P*enis pumps today.

Mike said...

But will Sebastian use your courtesy title, Lady Morgan? Or are you waiting on your passport to take that step??

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